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What’s On Your Life Wish List?


A while ago I wrote about helping your teams create a bucket list to help them stay focused on goals, bother personal and professional

We know that a bucket list can help us experience the things we really want and prevents regrets.

We received some requests for more on the bucket list, specifically, what do we do with the list once we made it? This is the planning and implementing stage, and for those people who struggle with execution (in strengths finder, execution and implementation is harder for some people than others) this may be helpful.

You have your bucket list. You have a list of all the goals you want to achieve.

This includes short-term plans, plans that will take a few years, and ones that will span the course of your life.

Create a column to record the date you write each item on your list, as it will help you begin to actively work toward the goal.

Then create a list of action items underneath that goal with due dates. Action items are things you can cross off the list.

Create a column of due dates and check off when they are completed.

For example, you want to take a trip to Maccha Picchu in Peru.

List the challenges with making that trip a reality.

You will need:
A passport

Time for the trip

Money for the trip



Take a look at this brief sample of a Life Wish List:

  1. Take the final training at work to speak more effectively. 7-02-10 (Done 8-15-11)
  2. Plan a weekend trip with my sisters in 2012. 9-29-10 (Scheduled 02-01-12)
  3. Begin saving $100 monthly in August 2012 for a trip to Sweden in 2017. 1-18-11
  4. Schedule evenings out with friends at least twice a month. 9-27-11
  5. Watch the top one hundred Movies over the next 2 years. 11-10-11
  6. Obtain a part time job 3 months every year to bank money for retirement. 1-12-12
  7. Take an 8-week Yoga course at the health club. 2-17-12

Ponder these points when putting together your Life Wish List:

Reflect on the kind of life you want. Do you want to be married, have children, and keep the same job for 20 years? Perhaps you strive to live the simpler life out in the suburbs or on a farm in the country.

Consider where you want to live. Maybe you want to stay in your hometown until you are fifty-five, then move on to the retirement place of your dreams. Or maybe you wish you could move out of the colder weather and live somewhere with a more temperate climate.

Do you want more education or training? You can avail yourself of the knowledge you will need, whether your ultimate goal is to earn more or just to excel at what you do.

How good is good enough? Speaking of excelling, maybe you want to be one of the best salespeople at the store or office where you work. Being the best cook in the neighborhood could be your heart’s deepest desire. Consider what you need to do to achieve your dreams. Then, put your steps to your goal on your Wish List.

Make your home your sanctuary. Maybe it is time to paint, re-arrange the furniture, or pick up a new piece of furniture to complete your mental image of your dream home.

Do you dream of a special vacation? Have you always wanted to go to London to see Buckingham Palace? Perhaps you wish you could cruise the Caribbean for a week. Whatever the destination, your dream vacation should be on your list.

Have fun! Consider activities you want to do just for personal enjoyment. Include plenty of these types of items on your Life Wish List. For example, maybe you want to learn how to paint with watercolors or how to play golf.

Keeping a Life Wish List is one of the most self-motivating things you can do. You will open your mind to all the things you want to participate in, see, and achieve. Plus, you will be consistently compelled to move forward to fulfill your desires and accomplish your goals. Start your Life Wish List today to live the life you genuinely want.


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