Mary’s Powerful Lessons on Leadership

Commander Mary Kelly, US Navy, PhD, CSP, AAGG on Leadership

Midwest Speakers Bureau Showcase (ALL CLIPS)

2. The Power of a Sincere Thank You

4. Why Don’t More Leaders Address Problems at Work?

6. Fix Bad Behavior Because It Does Not Get Better On Its Own

1. How to Reward People for Doing Well

3. Be Grateful and Do Something About It

5. Addressing Problems Doesn’t Mean Being Mean

7. People Respond to Incentives

Mary’s Lessons on Why Leaders Fail

Why Leaders Fail

“Why Leaders Fail”

Why Leaders Fail with Marianne Pestana and Mary Kelly

Why Leaders Fail & 7 Prescriptions for Leadership Success

Dave Newman Interview Why Leaders Fail

Mary Kelly Presenting for Leadership USA Colorado

Succession Planning and Working Remotely

Succession Planning and Working Remotely (ALL CLIPS)

2. Leading Millennials So They Can Lead Organizations

4. Are You Harnessing the Talent Your Organization Needs?

6. Multi-Generational Workers and the Remote Workforce

8. The Reality About the Remote Worker

1. Who is Going to Run Our Business in the Future?

3. How Technology is Changing Leadership

5. Succession Planning for Credit Unions

9. Does Remote Work Work for Everyone?

7. Working Remotely Can Decrease Stress and Promote Employee Well-being

Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (ret) Leadership Speaker/Author

Mary Kelly, Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy (ret)
Leadership Speaker/Author for CSP

Meet Mary Kelly – Leadership and Business Keynoter

More of Mary…

FutureNomics –
Understanding Economic Factors That Affect the Future

10 Ways Real Estate Agents Sabotage Their Business
by Mary Kelly

Women’s Summit 2017- Mary Kelly, Ph.D.

Mary Kelly, PhD Leadership Keynote Intro

In Case of Emergency: Break Glass
Organizing Your Legal and Life Documents

“Women Who Go For It”
– Mary Kelly and Jolene Jang

Communication Skills For Modern Leaders
A YanaTV Interview With Mary Kelly


Where is Mary Now?!

American Institute of Architects Wyoming Chapter 2018

Nat’l Assoc. of Residential Property Managers in Las Vegas, NV 2018

Mary Kelly for Leadership USA in Silicon Valley, CA 2018

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! Program at NSA Minnesota 2018

Business Growth program at the Florida Association of Realtors 2018

American Gaming Association – Las Vegas, NV 2018

Mary Kelly on Planning for Emergencies at NSA Minnesota Part 2 – 2018

NSA North Texas  —  Video Showcase — Thank You!  2018

The Iowa Economic Development Conference – 2018

Business Development at NSA Washington DC – 2018

Mary Kelly speaking at the New Jersey MGMA 2018

Leadership for Greater Productivity Exec Forum 2017 – Austin, TX

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