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Enhance Your Business.
Cultivate Your Team.
Increase Your Sales.

Emerging leaders have mentors.

World-class athletes have coaches.
Presidents of countries have advisers.
Who do you have?

The most successful people in the world have people who help them move forward.

Having a business advisor who thinks about you, understands your business, brings a fresh perspective, and sees how your organization can become even better is the exponential difference between average and extraordinary.

Customized and individual coaching programs designed for:

Executives n All C-Suite Professionals n Next-Generation Leaders n Team Managers

Areas of focus include:

  • t Growing your Business
  • t Implementing Strategies
  • t Leadership Performance
  • t Workforce Planning
  • t Sales Growth
  • t Succession Planning
  • t Communication Styles
  • t You know you can achieve even more
  • t You deeply believe that you can improve your team and your organization
  • t You are good at what you do, and you are always trying to become better
  • t You know that you don’t always have all the answers
  • t You want to be confident in your decisions, knowing they are the right decisions to propel your business and your career forward
  • t You want to hold yourself and others more accountable
  • t You want to be more proactive
  • t You want to take the right action now to find your competitive advantage
  • t You don’t want to waste time

You may need coaching if you have any of these common workplace problems.

Communication misunderstandings:

  • t Getting work accomplished under budget and on time
  • t Meeting deadlines
  • t Product development and fulfillment delays
  • t Lack of feedback
  • t Conflict left unresolved
Lack of employee engagement including:
  • t Lack of recognition
  • t Poor performance appraisal
  • t Inefficiency
  • t Employees are unclear of the duties they must perform
  • t Lack of relevant training
  • t Confusion as to who is supposed to do what, and when
  • t Establishing clear job descriptions that clearly outline success
  • t Untrained employees confusing customers

Mary’s Coaching Programs

Leadership Performance

For Stronger Strategies, Better Decisions, and Faster Results

Growing Your Business
Workforce and Development
Strategic Planning
Strategy and Succession
Sales Growth

Attracting Customers, Driving Referrals, Building Relationships

“Mary’s coaching took us from $53 million to $84 million in under two years!”

“Every month I look forward to my time with Mary. She helps me prioritize what I need to do and I save about 10 hours per week!”

“2 promotions in 2 years because of Mary’s weekly coaching!”


Talented C-level teams benefit from having confidential strategy sessions with Mary. Mary’s corporate advising can be either team-based, individual, or as part of a strategic retreat.

Unlike a consulting role, Mary is your team’s adviser on everything from growth strategies and process improvements to leadership development.

Mary’s holistic approach maximizes time, energy, and resources. She quickly discovers areas where leaders and teams can work better together, decrease costs from miscommunication, and significantly improve collaboration.


Do you need an executive business coach?

Business leaders are the driving force behind any successful organization, and they often face a wide range of challenges in their roles. From managing teams and making strategic decisions to dealing with uncertainty and change, business leaders have a lot on their plate.

This is where an executive coach can be an invaluable resource, providing business leaders with the guidance and support they need to navigate these challenges and achieve their goals.

Key benefits of having a confidential business advisor:

1. A coach is a sounding board. Having someone to discuss their thoughts and ideas with is particularly valuable when leaders deal with difficult decisions, conflict, uncertainty, or change. An executive coach can help leaders to clarify their thoughts, explore different perspectives, and develop a strategy for moving forward.

2. A coach helps leaders to identify and overcome their limitations. Many business leaders are highly successful in their careers, but they often have blind spots, which can hold them back from achieving their full potential. An executive coach can help leaders to identify these blind spots and work through them so that they can become more effective leaders.

3. A coach helps leaders quickly master new skills. As the business landscape evolves, leaders need to adapt and acquire new skills to remain competitive. An executive coach can work with leaders to identify the skills they need to develop and provide them with the tools and resources they need to acquire those skills.

4. A coach saves time and resources. Business leaders are focused on their business and industry, and a coach’s wider perspective can help them make better decisions faster, for better results.

5. A coach accelerates success. Consider these successful business leaders who worked with executive coaches:

  1. Howard Schultz: The former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz attributes much of his success to his executive coach. He worked with his coach to develop the leadership skills needed to grow the company from a small chain of coffee shops to a global brand.
  2. Oprah Winfrey: One of the most well-known figures in media, Oprah credits her success to her executive coach. She worked with several coaches over the years to help her become a better leader and to achieve her goals.
  3. Jack Welch: The former CEO of GE is another well-known leader who used coaching. He believes that a coach is essential for leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve, since they can help them recognize blind spots, set goals, and make the best decisions.
  4. Larry Page: Co-founder of Google, Larry Page credited his coach with helping him to become more effective and to manage the company more effectively.
  5. Alan Mulally: The former CEO of Ford had an executive coach who helped him to navigate the company through the recession and bring the company back to profitability. He believed that having a coach helped him to see the big picture and make the best decisions for the company.

Business leaders face a wide range of challenges in their roles, and they need all the support they can get to navigate today’s issues and achieve their goals. An executive coach can provide business leaders with the guidance and support they need to make better decisions, overcome their limitations, and develop new skills.

It’s important to note that having a coach does not mean the leader is not capable or not successful, but rather, it helps them to become even more effective and reach their full potential.

Working with an executive coach is important for any business leader who wants to improve their effectiveness and achieve more.


Mary is an experienced corporate advisor, specializing in strategic planning for businesses of all sizes.

Our team’s goal is to help companies achieve their maximum potential by providing expert guidance and support in areas such as market research and analysis, sales process optimization, economic analysis, industry-specific analysis, leadership and organizational development, business plan development, and succession planning.

Our approach to strategic planning is tailored to the unique needs of each client, and we work closely with company leadership to understand their goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Whether your company is facing a specific challenge or simply looking to take its performance to the next level, we have the expertise and resources to help.

Our services include:

  • Market research and analysis: We conduct thorough research on your industry and competitors to understand your target market, identify opportunities, and help you develop a strategy to reach new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Sales process optimization: We review your existing sales process and work with you to identify areas for improvement. We then help you develop a more efficient and effective process that will increase conversion rates and boost sales.
  • Economic analysis: We provide a comprehensive analysis of the global and national economic conditions that could impact your business, including GDP growth, inflation, interest rates, and political developments.
  • Industry-specific analysis: We conduct research on your specific industry to identify trends and key drivers of growth, and help you anticipate shifts in demand and other factors that could impact your business.
  • Leadership and organizational development: We work with your leadership team to identify and address any internal issues that may be holding your company back, and help you develop a more efficient and effective organizational structure.
  • Business Plan Development: We help you create a clear roadmap to achieve your business objectives. This involves identifying your target market, competitive landscape, financial projections, and a comprehensive action plan to bring your business to success.

Our Succession Planning services include:

  • Leadership assessment: We work with you to identify key positions and the current and future leaders who will fill them. We also evaluate the leadership skills of your internal candidates and help you determine the best individuals to succeed in the key positions.
  • Succession planning strategy: We develop a comprehensive plan that covers all key positions, including how to fill vacancies that might occur due to retirement, promotion, or other factors.
  • Talent development: We work with you to create a program of training, mentoring and coaching to prepare your leaders for the next level, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity of your business.
  • Risk Management: We will help you identify potential risks associated with a lack of succession planning and help you develop a strategy to mitigate them.
  • Implementation: We will work with you to ensure that the plan is effectively implemented and that it stays current and relevant over time.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, please contact us to schedule a consultation.


  • t Improve great leaders and increase team performance
  • t Develop a compelling, positive vision and team purpose
  • t Clarify operating principles, goals, roles, expectations, and milestones
  • t Establish communication channels with clear boundaries
  • t Implement training to deal with difficult or challenging employees
  • t Build executive and team leader coaching strategies