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Mary Kelly PhD, CSP, CDR, US Navy (Ret)

Speaker, Consultant, Naval Commander, Author, Professor
shows you the secrets of becoming


Captain Mary Kelly in Uniform
Badges Mary Kelly has Earned

Mary is a dynamic speaker, skilled at drawing the audience into her presentations to enhance their ability to not only grasp, but also retain, key leadership and management concepts that she presents. She makes a top-notch keynote speaker at any business or leadership training event.

Tracy Sims

Ship Husbanding Officer, HSP COR at Military Sealift Command Far East

  • Mary Kelly’s presentation was engaging, entertaining & very informative.
  • Knowledgeable & motivating session — wonderful mastery of leadership.
  • Mary is so personable and interacted wonderfully with the audience.
  • Love her practical approach to every day challenges in our business and personal lives.

Mary has the gift of sharing quality, hard data in a light hearted, fun style that ensures audiences remain engaged.

Pamela Potter


       Andrew Bryant

“Published in 100’s of Newspapers and Journals Worldwide.”

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