Mary C. Kelly
Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret.,
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame



How to effectively lead future teams

“Mary Kelly is one of the most creative and motivating speakers I have ever worked with. 
Energetic, creative, witty, genuine, and extremely knowledgeable!  She’s the BOMB!”
Michael Paulovich, DBA, Project Management Office

Leadership Matters!

Mary has been doing virtual leadership development and business training since 1998.

Dr. Mary Kelly’s dynamic delivery of leadership solutions helps audiences create energetic workplaces for greater productivity and profitability.


Dr. Mary Kelly, Leadership Speaker, Author
has been inducted into the
“Top Keynote Speakers of 2020”
by Top Sales World!


Mary Kelly’s Leadership book, “Who Comes Next?: Leadership Planning Made Easy”
is featured on TOP SALES WORLD
























Mary Kelly brings ENERGY, EXCITEMENT, and INTERACTION to Virtual Events! 
Checklist for Hiring a Virtual Speaker:

o   Content is king
Virtual programs have to be up-to-date, relevant, and 100% focused on the current needs of the audience.  Content has to be about what is useful now.

o   Audiences need actionable takeaways
People have shorter attention spans online, and they don’t want to spend the time if there is no value.  Audiences want to stay interested and engaged with actionable takeaways.

o   Have handouts so people can follow along
Audiences need to have an outcome and something they can use.  Click here for an example on How to Pivot. 

o   Audience interaction matters
Virtual delivery needs to be highly visual with pattern interruptions.  Speakers need to incorporate polling, hand raising, chatting, Q and A, brainstorming notes, and other interactivity in the program.

o   Technology matters
Virtual presentations rely on technology, so the platform has to work and there need to be backups.  Great speakers have a tech team to create landing pages, registrations, email reminders, and generate attendee list. 

o   Programs are forever, so the setting matters
The background, lighting, microphone quality, and overall presentation smoothness matter.  Programs are recorded and viewed over and over.  Professionalism shows.



Mary Kelly is creating Online Classes for the books she has written!  Easily apply the incredible principles in Mary’s books into your business model.  Her books are broken down into easy to read modules with easy to learn lessons and fun quizzes!

Currently Available as Online Classes:

  • Who Comes Next?  Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy
  • Master Your World:  10 Dog-Inspired Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication

Phenomenal speaker and provided great concepts.

Fabulous! 3 hours went by too quickly! Informative, engaging and exactly what I need. Please have Dr. Kelly at each KYSHRM conference.

Amazing! Engaging, thought-provoking and highly emotional. One of the best speakers I’ve seen at an SHRM conference.

33rd Annual Kentucky SHRM Conference

I met Mary at a V-WISE conference.  The conference and Mary changed my life. Mary is a TRUE person, real in every way. It was because of her “TRUENESS”, her kindness and support that I was brave enough to actually get up…yes, in front of others. I trusted her and that’s not something I do lightly. I am still on FIRE in great part because of her.

Theresa King


What an inspirational speaker!!! Mary brought her life to us and spoke in real life terms making the engagement more than worthwhile. Her enthusiasm for life and goodwill was contagious. Mary was a highlight of the CEMA conference. I learned so much from her is just a brief time.

Ron Pinson

Colorado Emergency Management Association

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