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Productive Leaders - Mary Kelly
Average rating:  
 121 reviews
 by Pam Sherfesee
A standing ovation. Wow!

I can’t thank you enough for your huge effort and time to present to the Tri-Lakes Women’s Club last Friday. I have received many notes from our members raving about you and your talk. I understand they liked your presentation so much they gave you a standing ovation. Wow!

 by November 2022 NASACT Webinar attendees
One of the best presenters I've had in my professional career

Here are some of the comments submitted by the event attendees:

"Wow! Great info and so much of it! It was a lot of information in a short time. I am excited to use the tools and appreciate you sharing them all with us! Thank you so much!"

"Mary Kelly conveyed a lot of meaningful information in the available time. It was interesting to hear some very current information and statistics on the state of the workforce and the economy. Thank you!"

"Mary was outstanding!! Thank you for your service, God Bless"

"It would have been great if this was a little longer! Speaker was fantastic"

"Amazing webinar - I took it at NASACT this year and this was even better the second time. So engaging and really useful, relevant information!!"

"Awesome presentation! Truly enjoyed both the material presented and your presentation style. Would love to attend more of your training presentations"

"I really enjoyed this class and this instructor. It will give me some good tools going forward to refocus on being a better leader, coworker, mentor. Thanks!"

"One of the best presenters I've had in my professional career. It was thorough, engaging, and relevant."

"We could have spent at least another hour on this topic. Mary is wonderfully upbeat and her enthusiasm was very contagious."

"I think that I could listen to Mary for hours. Thank you so much. What a great seminar."

"One of the best seminars I have attended to date."


 by Casey Minnick
Women's Financial Summit

In a world where we are given infinite choices for how to receive information, I would choose Mary's style 10 out of 10 times! She takes complicated, often emotional, information and make it understandable, relatable, and entertaining.

Some additional comments from other attendees:

"Fun, fast, informative!"

"She is energetic, entertaining and makes the presentation so easy to follow and understand! Great job!"

"She kept me focused on her presentation the whole time and was interactive with us. Her handouts are simple and relevant."

"Dynamic, informative and entertaining!"

 by Brian Wagner
You are an inspiration to me

I had the privilege to experience your keynote on Wednesday morning at the NSPE Conference. What an excellent job!

You are an inspiration to me and I truly appreciate all of the efforts you put into the work you are doing. Thank you!

Amazing speaker at our annual SCCUA Conference

Not often do you have a speaker who can energize a Friday morning audience while speaking about the economy. It definitely takes a special person to accomplish this, and that's exactly what Mary is! She is a high energy, engaging and phenomenal speaker. We cannot recommend her enough!

High Energy!

I love Mary's high energy and her servant's heart! She is amazing and I love working with her.

 by June 2022 MGMA Pathways Conference 2022 attendees
Thank you so much for contributing to another successful and memorable MGMA event

Here are some of the comments submitted by the event attendees:


"This was by far the best presentation of the entire conference and made it worth attending! It was fantastic and I cannot speak more highly of it. It was insightful, and complete."

"Fantastic Presentation - Thank you for bringing Mary to the stage! Learned a lot..."

"Mary was, by far, the highlight of the entire conference. I have already taken the finding your blind spot quiz and downloaded her life journal. She was amazing!"

"Excellent - hard to tell how to answer these questions about commercial bias when it is clearly what Dr. Kelly does. She is an excellent speaker and a very good choice for the last speaker of the day"

"Already took the bias quiz and am excited to read through the assessment - what a great tool!"

"Wonderful presentation. Very informative and full of ideas to help myself as well as my staff."

"Loved her. Would like to see her at more of the events. Has so much energy and good idea that are quick to implement with my team."

"This tied into so many other presentations over the last two days. So much work to do. Let's get to it!"

"WONDERFUL SESSION! Great close to the conference."

"Excellent speaker. Program is well developed, tools are straight forward and pragmatic and transferrable at all levels of the healthcare organization."

"Mary was very knowledgable and presented great suggestions! A worth while session!"

 by Jack Mortimer
Great to work with!

Mary is one of the most dedicated, energetic, accommodating, and informative keynote speakers we've ever hired. Highly recommended!

 by Laurie Oken
Mary is a motivator to those who cross her path

Mary Kelly is “class A” and knows firsthand what it takes for a leader to plant the seeds of inspiration in others to come together to fulfill the needs of the clients and the mission of the organization. She’s a motivator to those who cross her path!

 by Doug Scherer
WLF should be required reading

I recently received both “Who Comes Next” and “Why Leaders Fail.” Both are great leads, WLF should be required reading for all those who aspire to further their careers to positions of greater authority and responsibility.

 by April 2022 event attendees
Your survey ratings were great!

She was incredible.
Loved the speaker's energy, and the content of the presentation was phenomenal. In intend to read her book on the same topic.
Loved her energy!
Engaging, entertaining and interesting. By far, the best session of the event. It set a very high bar for everything that followed it.
Very interesting. She provided a different view on management.

Absolutely Wonderful

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great presentation. All of the personal experiences that you shared were amazing. Great examples. Would love to hear you present again.

...not enough words express how wonderful, knowledgeable, personable and just plain awesome Mary Kelly's visit to our Ladies Luncheon was. Not only would we love to have her back one day, we would absolutely refer her to others!

Here are some comments we received from the survey I sent out (to the attendees, asking them what they enjoyed most about the event).

Speaker and networking
Networking with our other agents/staff
Inspirational speaker, networking and the raffle
The speaker! She was amazing!
The speaker was excellent
Speaker and the dessert
Was a very warm and engaging event. Everything was great! The food was delicious and Mary’s talk was wonderful, as well.
Connecting with 130 amazing women and the speaker was fabulous.
Charismatic speaker.
Mary Kelly was awesome!
Mary Kelly’s presentation.
The convivial comradery, the aesthetics, the powerful presentation.

Then, Mary’s overall score using a 1-10 scale was : 10!

 by Emily Horn, California Association for REALTORS®

You ROCKED it today and we cannot wait to work with you again!

 by Adina Skofield, California Association for REALTORS®
You are amazing

We just wanted to say thank you AGAIN for a wonderful presentation and your generosity in being able to participate today. You are amazing and we all love you!

 by Karla Perez
Great Speaker

I've heard Mary speak twice now to audiences from diverse backgrounds. She is able to tailor her presentation to make it relevant for all of the participants. She is engaging and providers valuable leadership tips. Thanks Mary.

Connecting with Members

This was the second time Mary has presented to the members of our Association. She connected and could share their concerns surviving through the pandemic. Thank you Mary for a great presentation!

A friend recommended Mary as a speaker for my company's live webinar series on leadership and professional development. It was an absolute pleasure working with Mary! She came ready with her ideas to present, she took time out of her busy schedule for a run-through, and is an amazing, positive person! The webinar went wonderfully, Mary has so many amazing life experiences to draw from, and she's a true professional. Thank you so much!

Mary is a wonder!

Picking a keynote speaker is not easy, or at least it wasn't until Mary!

Mary’s energetic keynote is not only inspiring but also fun to watch! Our attendees have had nothing but rave reviews for her passion, thoughtfulness, and her ability to connect with them. Her message on leadership and responsibility resonates with the audience whether they knew they were leaders or not – and Mary leaves them longing for more. Already we have members telling us they are implementing her ideas and loving their results. The best thing I can say is we want her to come back next year, and maybe every year!

Futurenomics and the Way Forward

Mary's delivery of this truly insightful perspective is fast paced and hard hitting. Her unique take on the economic movements of this critical period is ‘need to know’ for anyone leading a business or a management team in today’s environment. She cuts through the culture war smokescreens to present factual trends and likely impacts that can inform decision making objectively. She is up to date, analytically thorough, and especially effective as a presenter—time spent with Mary is a great investment!

Mary inspired our participants to take to heart her program for moving their business forward in 2021 and beyond; she received excellent reviews. Mary and her team are great to work with.

Mary was a great presenter with a wealth of knowledge for our participants. Our conference participants left with thought provoking ways to recruit new employees!


Mary has a huge heart and an amazing ability to get right to the heart of the lessons she teaches. I love going to her presentations! And she is so much FUN, too!

Mary’s Motivation Marketing

Mary Kelly demonstrates for small businesses & anyone in PR & Communications-Based industries how even the most basic information can help boost your branding, advertising, positive ratings and social media to levels you couldn’t imagine until you’ve attended one of her seminars. Thank you Mary for helping so many of us feel empowered & confident with your inspiring tricks of the trade!


Mary is very knowledgeable, with assortment of real life examples. Her presentation and speaking manner was engaging and interesting. She has useful documents for anyone in professional space - either in corporate, association or entrepreneurial space.

AMAZING Presentation

Mary Kelly was an incredible speaker--the most interactive person I've listened to this year on Zoom! She really knew how to engage our population and get everyone to participate. Incredible content and actionable items you can put into place immediately to increase your leadership skills and productivity.

Enlightening and Powerful Perspective

It has been a pleasure having Mary Kelly come and speak with our members. She is able take her industry experience and combine it with economic intelligence and offer our members solid information that allows them the ability to make sound business decisions. It also gives them the ability to gain perspective to look at the future of our industry and make flexible plans for the business. Our members are also able to walk away from these meetings energized to go back to their teams and plan, train and motivate their team. We look forward to having Mary join us for more meetings and events.

 by Edward Scannell
A joy to behold

The morning literally flew by, and it was my treat watching you in action. And the masterful manner in which you combined your session, along with your great skills with your cool way of audience interaction was a joy to behold.

 by Adina Skofield

Thank YOU for today! It was exactly what this group needed to hear - couldn't have picked a more perfect topic for them.

 by Susan Ogilvie-Bailey

I was greatly impressed by Mary Kelly! She’s a powerhouse and the epiphany of a successful woman. I took so many nuggets away from her presentation and plan on putting some things into place soon. I’m happy to say we’ve corresponded a few times since her event and I can’t wait to talk with her again to soak in as much as I can.

 by Susan Gossner

I really loved Mary's enthusiasm! Mary gives practical tips to incorporate into your business whether you've been in business for yourself one year or ten. Starting with our mindset and finding what gets you pumped up in life and what brings you satisfaction! It's harder to figure out our purpose than what we think, so take some time and think about what you feel passionate about. Another big take away for me was avoiding the daily overwhelm. My workload seems to get clustered together. Mary's book has helped me to write down everything I can think of that I need to get done to avoid being overwhelmed. Then I pick my top 5 things to get done that day! I've noticed that some of these things are repetitive tasks that I can get other people to do or help me with. The big thing for me is to not get down on myself for not getting it all done. I am celebrating every night something that I accomplished. It might not even be something that was on the original list, but I know at the end of the day, that it was significant, and I got it done!

 by Hollie Hart

Mary did a PHENOMENAL talk for MeetStreet March 30th! I have been using her five minute Leadership guide since Covid started last March. Mary's everyday podcasts and daily emails rejuvenate my business, too. If it wasn’t for Mary my business would not have GROWN during the pandemic! Thank you Mary!

 by Susan & David Bailey
Excellent perspective

Mary’s course is such an excellent perspective!!! As we were going through “Growing your Business in any Economy”, it clearly resonated with us that it was also about growing your business with any kind of mind-set which has been challenging for many of us this last year. If we’d take just a couple of her action items and apply them consistently, I am certain our business will grow along with our confidence to keep pursing our goals. As Mary so eloquently illustrated “there is no music if you’re not playing it”!

 by Rex Houze
Great coach

Mary is a fantastic coach. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter and helps you create self-awareness and insight that leads to greater results. She has a servant's heart and will go the extra mile for you. Engage Mary to help you achieve your goals. You'll be glad you did.

Great, Dynamic Speaker

Mary Kelly is a dynamic speaker that kept the attention of all attendees during our virtual event! Super easy to work and very attentive! Excited to work with her again in the future!


Thanks for working with USYS and our 55 State Associations. Feedback was outstanding! Once we get back to normal, will definitely be doing this again but in-person.

 by Rashmi Malhotra
Amazing inspiration

Mary, I want to THANK YOU so much for your amazing training, inspiration and guidance tonight. I know that they all loved it. So grateful for you.


Mary's dedication to our sales meeting was direct, insightful, fun, creative, and impressive. Mary's industry/sales knowledge has provided our team with tools to become successful in our everyday work lives. I am excited to have the opportunity to meet with Mary again.

Mary's presentation was a fantastic addition to our virtual conference. We received great feedback from our members. Such great information. Thank you!


Mary’s presentation to our group about business planning, opportunity planning and productivity planning was excellent! Her crisis management, PIVOT, speech and material was both valuable and timely. I’d highly recommend her to any group or organization.

Dynamic Presenter

Mary's presentation was a great addition to our meeting. She captured our group with entertaining stories and solid information to keep our team engaged and leave the meeting motivated and encouraged. She equipped us with tactics and details to continue to grow in this unique time.

Pure Energy

Mary's presentation was great! Her energy was infectious! Her crisis management topic was very timely and a great eye opener. Overall great presentation and would highly recommend her to anyone.

 by Mike See

Fantastic presentation! Very insightful and full of energy. I would recommend your books as well as the presentations. Again Thanks.


Mary is always a great speaker - she's high energy, fun, smart, provocative, and insightful. She spoke to our group only 3 days after the election and was able to incorporate the latest information and implications.

 by Clint R. Armistead, Heartland Credit Union Association
Well worth the investment for a virtual engagement!

Mary was fantastic to work with. I’m mainly blown away with how well she’s adapted to virtual presentations compared to many others. She came triply prepared for any possible virtual fiasco. She had two computers, wifi, hardwired and a hotspot. She even provided us with a free video recording of a slightly different presentation that we could use if there was some sort of issue in which she could not connect, we could always just play the video! Oh, and since we didn’t need to use it, she allowed us to use it for another engagement. Well worth the investment for a virtual engagement.

 by Sydne Jacques, PE, CSP

Your program was FANTASTIC tonight!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! There was so much valuable content and then combine that with the opportunity to learn from your presentation skills and your "pull back the curtain" gems -- it was fabulous! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

Hope to have her back.

Mary did two webinars for us – one on 10 Steps to a Happier Workplace and the other on Succession Planning. Both were very well received. Mary knows her stuff and is really easy to work with. Hope to have her back.

 by Melissa Maldonado, South Metro Denver Realtor Association
You are an inspiration!

Fantastic presentation! So appreciative of you and thank you for all you've done for SMDRA. You are an inspiration to me and our members and leadership!

 by Fran Cross, Discovery Toys
Your energy is contagious!

I wanted to reach out and thank you for being such a wonderful part of our Discovery Toys Virtual Convention. Your energy is contagious, and your words are inspirational! I am thankful for the resources and ideas you shared with the members of our company. I also wanted to thank you for your service to our country!

Grand Slam Home Run!

Dr. Mary Kelly, CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret, is the hero for productive leaders and dogs everywhere. As a speaker, advisor, author, and colleague, she brings her A-game, exceeds expectations, and provides thought-provoking truths that invite change. Blown away and grateful! Thanks, Mary Kelly for the amazing business presentation for speakers at NSA Michigan, the clarifying tip ships, and the well-placed kick in the awareness to up my game. Bases loaded, grand slam!

 by Karyl Eckerle
Appreciate your insight and giving spirit

Thank you again for a fun, and informative, presentation today! I truly appreciate your insight and giving spirit.

 by Richard A. Egli, APR
tremendously useful, abundant, and effective

Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" for your presentation today. While you aren't billed as a motivational speaker, you filled that role as well. Your information and explanations were tremendously useful, abundant, and effective.

 by Ginger Johnson
Brilliant, clear & simple.

Thanks Mary Kelly, PHD, CSP, Commander, USN (ret) for this useful and relevant #email tutorial.

Learning Manager

Mary received numerous kudos as the keynote for our Women in Supply Chain Forum; uplifting, inspiring, phenomenal, engaging, fun and many more! Thank you for making our event a huge success Mary!

 by Kimberly Kissel
Mary was a hit!

Mary was amazing! Our members were blown away by her high-energy presentation on FutureNomics. She shot off countless timely facts and points to ponder that kept attendees on the edge of their seats.

Fantastic speaker & Trainer

MARY hit it out of the park with our wine Ambassadors. She taught them how to mange their time, be productive leaders, and most importantly how to create business plans. She understood our business very well, as if she had been working with us for years. Bravo! We would definitely hire Mary again.

 by William C. Johnson
Leadership Training

Mary spoke to our future leaders group today and she was simply outstanding. She engaged our small group, brought out personal testimonies and experiences and directly related them to our government contract. Everyone took away very valuable lessons and ideas. Her superb flexibility and ability to relate to several generations was just superb!!

Leadership Training

Mary was our keynote speaker for our annual leadership training day. Her topics are on target and full of relevant and useful content attendees can quickly employ in their daily lives. Mary and her staff are wonderful to work with.

Mary received the highest rating of all of our speakers

Mary Kelly recently spoke at our Women in Industry Conference. She was dynamic, engaging, inspirational and received the highest rating of all of our speakers. She provided valuable takeaways to our attendees that can be easily implemented. I loved her humor and energy and would highly recommend her!!!

Everyone loved her

Mary was wonderful. Gave some very thought provoking ideas and everyone loved her. She was down to earth and natural. Loved all her "check off lists" Have operated by this principal for years.

 by Lindsey Sullivan, Education Manager, Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA)
Fantastic Start to our Conference!

Mary Kelly was a great choice to be our opening keynote speaker at HBMA 2019 this year. Her energy is infectious and got everyone excited for both her content and the conference as a whole. Mary is also incredibly down to earth and easy to work with. In the world of conference planning, it is always wonderful to find a speaker who is excited to spend time with your members outside of just the 60 minutes that she is on stage.

A few pieces of feedback we received on Mary's presentation:

- Loved the keynote address, what a great way to start the conference!

- This one event was worth the price of the conference.

- Great speaker! Engaging, inspiring, and love the additional resources that she is making available to us!

- Mary was very motivating and on-point with so many in the room. She encouraged me and I look forward to using the materials she is providing us. Very engaging and funny!

-Dynamic speaker with fresh perspective on people issues. Very valuable and inspiring to me. One of the best speakers I've seen in years.

Thanks again to Mary and her entire team for starting off our conference on such a positive note!

Great webinar!

Mary Kelly was such a pleasure to work with; we received glowing feedback from webinar attendees. She is a relatable speaker, has great ideas and packed a lot of information into a one-hour session.

 by Troy Stang, President/CEO, Northwest Credit Union Association
Made MAXX such a great success

Thank you for delivering such an informative and entertaining presentation on the mainstage at MAXX. I am glad to hear that overall, you are optimistic about the future of the economy.

The insights you shared were enlightening, especially the data that was specific to the Northwest. I am certain our members left your session with some great observations that can inform their decision making in 2020.

Thank you again, Mary. We appreciate all that you have done to make MAXX such a great success.

 by Cooperative Communications Association webinar attendees
Couldn't ask for more!

Here are just a few of the feedback Mary received after presenting a webinar to Cooperative Communications Association:

All of it (was suited to what I needed to know). I looked at the resources following the meeting. I plan to use the 5-minute plan(s). I will share the webinar with our Human Resources Department.
Seriously, all of it (was applicable to me)!
She packed a LOT into an hour... couldn't ask for more.
Mary Kelly is an excellent speaker! Very natural, relatable and down to earth.

 by Heather Hankins
Enjoyed your presentation

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your time at our Retreat and I have had so many of the board members tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation!

Southern Regional Farm Bureau Underwriting Conference

Thank you for a fantastic presentation at our conference in Nashville. The energy that you brought to the room was electric. Incorporating your life experiences to your presentations added a relevance to the diverse group in the audience. The presentation was entertaining, funny and appropriately applicable to our conference. Best wishes and continued success.

 by David Fraser, Executive Director, WY Association of Municipalities
A big hit!

Mary was a big hit! I hope to see her again.

 by Alex Held

I attended the Accelerent event in KC this morning and loved your presentation. I have worked with professional speakers/trainers in the past, and your style, energy, and message was fantastic! Keep up the great work.

 by Amy J. Halligan, SHDA
Our attendees were engaged and got a lot out of their time with you.

We wanted to send you a huge thank you for joining us at the SHDA Summit in Phoenix and for your wonderful presentation on Why Leaders Fail. We’ve received such enthusiastic feedback about your topic and the environment you created- we know our attendees were engaged and got a lot out of their time with you.


Working with Mary and her team ahead of our Global Symposium was so easy and organized and then to see her on stage was UNBELIEVABLE. Mary is sharp, kind, enthusiastic, knowledgable and a JOY to be around. She left our attendees feeling inspired and energized. Cant say enough about Mary as a Keynote Speaker! Thank you!

 by Natalie Ulven, Pyramid Construction, Inc.
You absolutely knocked the presentation out of the park!

Thank you for the plethora of information at the Vectra Event this past Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoy everything you brought to the table. Between your incredible energy, paramount knowledge and dexterous story telling skills you absolutely knocked the presentation out of the park!

 by Rick Mack, Executive Director, Association of Chief Executives for Sport, ACES
You were amazing!

You were amazing, but no surprise there! Thank you very much for significantly enhancing the overall experience for our attendees. I received countless comments about how much they enjoyed your presentation.

The Bomb!

Energetic, personable, friendly, genuine, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and unbelievable!

Mary presented to our group in April 2019. From the time she walked into the lobby of the hotel until the final goodbye two days later, Mary was "on" and engaging with everyone connected with the Healthcare Leaders Summit. Her presentation was well-received and well-rated by attendees.

 by Elizabeth Yarnell

Much gratitude for your time and and advice this morning. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Brilliant, Well-Prepared Speaker

I was honored to work with Mary at one of our recent On Time Education events in Denver. She came highly prepared and provided a multitude of wonderful resources to the healthcare professionals who attended this event. Mary used her professionalism and sense of humor to provide genuine, practical insights into the world of healthcare. We look forward to lots of collaboration with her in the future!

Fire Chief

Mary Kelly without reservation, provides a very unique and incredibly credentialed resume. We have leadership speakers provide leadership training and forums for our firefighters in the state every January. As we seek people to fill this role each year, Mary Kelly made our short list in a hurry! She dynamic in her delivery and message both. She also provided a wonderful take-a-way for all those in attendance as well. One of our top speakers of many to date! Your only disappointment will be in not being quick enough to book her far enough in advance...

Mary Is A Knowledge Bomb

Wow, I just spent one of the most productive hours of my life with Mary Kelly. What a knowledge bomb! My fingers couldn't type fast enough to capture all of the amazing ideas and advice I received during just one hour of coaching. I measure the value of my time spent with a coach by how much I can implement and monetize. My cup runneth over and I can't wait to put her wisdom into practice and soar!

 by Amy Kinnaird
Resources and Checklists Galore!

Mary recently spoke to the North Texas chapter of the National Speakers Association and was fantastic! She had done her homework before coming and gave us exactly what we needed. She is a checklist and process person and gave out many resources to help us in our businesses. Everything was easy to use and immediately actionable.

Mary's presentation style is fun, funny and very high energy. Her background and credibility are unmatched. Leadership, economics, building your business, all rolled into a dog-loving, charismatic speaker. What more could you want?!

Simply Fantastic!

Dr. Kelly recently presented at our annual conference attended by regional business leaders. Her topics ~ Leading Change and Communication: Stop the Barking. Mary is smart, energetic, humorous, engaging, and provided "tools" for immediate implementation of ideas and goals. You know the audience is engaged with feverish note taking....the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Behind the scenes, Mary and her staff were responsive, flexible, down to earth and overall a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Dr. Mary Kelly, Productive Leaders for your next leadership event without hesitation.

 by Betti Coffey
You were a hit!

I just want to say thank you for providing your numerous skills, energies and talents to our NSA North Texas Chapter at the November Meeting!

You were a hit! I got in the preliminary surveys results yesterday – and our chapter truly loved you.

Your energy and dedication in helping people improve and succeed in their businesses is so apparent!

Terrific, Engaging Speaker!

Mary recently spoke at our Executive Leadership event, and was terrific! She was the last session of the day, and not only got butts in seats, but kept them engaged and laughing. The feedback from attendees has been nothing but positive, and she was so easy to work with. Between her extensive (and very intriguing) background as well as her dynamic personality, I would absolutely recommend her as a speaker for your next event!

 by Lisa Simonton
A group that is often difficult to universally impress was universally impressed

You and your message were a huge hit. And folks were still talking about your presentation this afternoon. Everything from the fact that we began the meeting with a high energy, relevant and positive speaker to the constructive points you made in your presentation.

In short, a group that is often difficult to universally impress was universally impressed. “I would like to attend a full day session with her” was heard several times over the last couple of days. As a member of the planning committee for this meeting you made our committee look brilliant from the get go while we did nothing other than turn the floor over to you.

I surely hope we find a way to bring you back or that I have the opportunity to hear you present again one of these days. Thanks from your energy, your thoughtful information and your generosity in sharing your expertise, your life story and your personal experience with healthcare caregivers. It was great!

Incredibly Interactive and Engaging

Mary kicked off our new leadership initiative and had our members engaged and interacting the entire DAY. Many of our members sent me unsolicited positive feedback about her presentation, takeaways and generally entertaining approach to leadership.

Moreover, she is a delight to work with - flexible, fun and generous.

We cannot wait to work with her again.

A much needed booster shot in the arm

Mary's two part work session was the uplifting, energetic, shot-in-the-arm that our group needed. She did an amazing job of focusing the content on our industry of professional services as well as how individuals and improve the way they practice architecture. Her style of delivery is very engaging. Five stars just for getting architects to talk to each other.

Very Useful and Practical

Leading a team, regardless of setting, is difficult and Mary helps provides those leaders with additional tools to carry in their tool belts! After all, not all problems/situations are "nails" requiring a hammer! I would highly recommend that Mary become part of your arsenal of tools!

Mary at your event

So.... let me get this straight. You haven't booked Mary Kelly for your next event?

I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend a half-day training session that Mary was conducting in Silver Spring, MD. Wow!

Mary's level of expertise, professionalism, and enthusiasm was incredible. She delivered a great presentation that had me taking so many notes that my carpal tunnel began to flair! (and happy about it).

Thank you Mary for the outstanding information, presentation, and humor!

Mary would be a great addition to your organization and I'll ask the question - Why haven't you called to book Mary for your next event?

Mastering Your World

Mary was a guest speaker at our NSA-DC Meeting and Speaker Academy in April 2018. She was fantastic - energetic, funny, and content rich. Her stories and examples added a sense of authenticity. I connected to her through her book, Master Your World, in which she provides 10 leadership lessons based on working with her dogs. It is a must read for any animal lover. Her lessons are practical and easily applied. I definitely recommend both Mary and her books.

 by Joy Rains
LOVED Mary's presentation!

I LOVED May's presentation at the DC chapter of the National Speakers Association. She was engaging, inspirational, and generous with the amount and quality of information she offered. She was funny, too, weaving just the right amount of humor into her talk. One of the best speakers we've had. Thank you, Mary!

 by Ron Shosh
10 Ways to Grow AIA

Mary came to the AIA Wyoming Conference in Laramie, WY and she was AWESOME! She was funny, knowledgeable, engaging, serious (when she needed to be), and to the point. Her topics of discussion totally hit home with my business and I am looking forward to seeing her future webcast. I would highly recommend Mary as a speaker for any organization.

Mary is the absolute best! She ALWAYS delivers informative and engaging sessions. Only problem . . . finding a room large enough to hold everyone who wants to hear her. What a great problem to have!!

 by M. Tekely
Master Your World

Met Mary at the VA MGMA conference in Richmond VA. While I have not finished reading Master Your World, I find it to be a great "guide" to embrace personal areas that may need a good tweaking or simply a flat out change. It is insightful and inspiring. It is an easy read and filled with useful information. A must read!

 by Renee Franklin

It was great listening to your presentation during the Elected Official Conference in San Antonio 3/8-3/10. I was excited to see you back at this conference. (I met you in a prior year conference in San Antonio.)

Your information and interactions are informative and inspirational. I felt truly blessed to share dinner, margarita and conversation with you in the informal setting along the River Walk. Thank you for being you.

I look forward to reading, using and sharing the Productive Leadership information you have made available in your vault.

Leadership Excellence!

Mary was the featured speaker at Clarke's annual leadership conference, held at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Her message, following the book "Master Your World" was perfectly on point with the theme of our conference, Winning Together. She captivated the audience! In addition to her presentation, Mary spent the previous evening with our top leadership, and attended the entire next day's conference, which really helped the attendees connect with her, and to drive the message home. Thank you, Mary!

About Mary Kelly

Mary spoke to our Pacific Northwest Chapter of National Speakers' Association. She's obviously a 'pro', but she goes much further than delivering great information with humor and great expertise. Mary shared her successes with us, and even provided us samples of many resources she uses. I highly recommend Mary as a speaker for your organization!

What a great speaker! Mary was engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, entertaining, professional, and informative. Great investment by our organization.

 by Robin Depies

Mary Kelly spoke at the Southern Colorado Woman's Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Nov. 14th and had every person totally engaged!! She rocked the room with her wit and charm. She deal's in reality and tells it like it is while inspiring those around her! I f you have not heard her speak you need to!!

Leadership Conference

Mary is dynamic, knowledgeable and effective. Her academic and professional credentials are impressive. Mary delivered award winning leadership and communication instruction to more than 200 members of the Utah Local Governments Trust. Her lifetime of high-level experience keeps everyone interested and engaged. Thanks Mary!

Productive Leaders

Mary Kelly is a dynamic leadership speaker who engages and inspires any audience! Mary is a clear and powerful leadership voice in a world that needs more of what she offers. Mary kept us laughing while providing valuable information we can use in the workplace.She knows her stuff. She communicates. She locks in her audience so they learn. She's funny. No one can be bored because she draws participation. She deals in reality not fantasy. She raises people up. She uses life examples. I defiantly hope to attend another one of her trainings

Mary Kelly is a dynamic leadership speaker who engages and inspires any audience! She is only matched by the vitality and usefulness of her own book, "Why Leaders Fail."In it, she provides a straightforward and compelling model for any leader, (or aspiring leader), to follow. Mary is a clear and powerful leadership voice in a world that needs more of what she offers. Do not miss out!

Why Leaders Fail

Thanks so much to Mary for speaking at the Women in Defense, Rocky Mountain Chapter October breakfast event. Mary presented a seminar on 'Why Leaders Fail', and the feedback from the 30 guests in attendance couldn't have been better. Mary kept us laughing while providing valuable information we can use in the workplace. We definitely plan to ask Mary to speak at another event in 2017. Thanks so much, Mary!

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Testimonial by Andrew Bryant

Testimonial by Debbie Sardone, CEO

Testimonial from Utah Trust

Testimonial by Bruce Arfsten

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mary Kelly, Ph.D. Mary is an outstanding keynote speaker, workshop leader, coach, and facilitator. She spoke most recently at the Texas Municipal League (TML) Elected Officials’ Conference on February 13, 2015 in San Marcos. This was just one of Mary’s many repeat performances for the League. She had previously addressed our Annual Conference audience, and was a featured speaker at TML’s inaugural Leadership Academy among other events.

When I first heard Mary speak, I knew five minutes into her keynote that our attendees were hooked. Leaning forward in their seats, eyes focused, and smiling, they were surprised and delighted by her presentation and couldn’t get enough of her.

Mary fits into my favorite category of speaker – she’s both educational and entertaining. She delivers relevant and practical information with an engaging and humorous style. And a bonus for meeting planners, Mary does her homework, always knows her audience, and is a dream to work with.

Mary is one of TML’s favorite speakers, and will undoubtedly be one of yours too.

Christina Corrigan

Communications and Programs, Texas Municipal Director

Testimonial by Bill Stainton

Testimonial from NSA Northwest

I booked Mary Kelly, for our Asia Professional Speakers convention 2015 in Singapore. As a leadership author and speaker myself, I have very high standards and little tolerance for vacuous feel good statements. Mary Kelly delivered above and beyond expectations; her rapid fire insights with pragmatic and practical take-aways confirmed that I made the right decision. Smart and funny with an ability to connect with diverse audience makes Commander Kelly the intelligent choice for your next conference.

Andrew Bryant, CSP

Motivational Speaker

My clients love Mary’s programs and we love that Mary is so easy to work with, flexible, and responsive.

Angela Cox-Weston

Midwest Speakers Bureau

Rarely have I seen a speaker who is so engaging, charming, relatable and humorous all at the same time.  Mary doesn’t just give a presentation, she has a concrete message for all audiences.  Her preparation for each audience is impeccable.  And Mary is so easy to work with, something we wish for with all professional speakers, and so many can make it challenging.  The most important thing I can say about Mary is she is a woman of substance and integrity.  Mary is one of my all-time favorite leadership and business speakers. Great original content, funny stories, and fabulous, helpful takeaways. Mary also bonds with audiences and they want her booked to come back.

Debbie Taylor

Taylor Made Events

Mary is a TML crowd favorite – we can’t get enough of her!  She has an uncanny ability to connect with diverse personalities, ages, and cultures. Her keynotes are powerful and uplifting, and she always leaves the audience smiling and inspired.

Chris Corrigan

Communications Director - Texas Municipal League

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the North Texas NSA meeting — It was like trying to sip water from a fire hydrant, but incredibly helpful — It may take me 6 months to put to use all the information you gave us — Thank you – Thank you – Thank you !!!  I know people tell you daily that you are a ROCK STAR, so I am going to say it one more time — YOU ROCK !!!!! Thank you for your generosity, giving out the books and all the other info — You embody the NSA spirit and I thank you for that. 

Bob Mann

Texas Payroll Event

“Mary Kelly’s presentation was engaging, entertaining & very informative.”

“Knowledgeable & motivating session. Wonderful mastery of leadership.”

“I love how she interacts with the audience. Excellent speaker.”

“Funny, informative, great speaker technique.”

“Fantastic speaker! She was motivating, real, funny, engaging, and did a great job of reading the room.”

“Informative with great tips to define the day. Loved the daily planner.”

“Funny with great substance.”

“Was able to understand and easily relate to her presentation! She used great examples! Great personality!”

Washington/Oregon MGMA Conference

“I can unequivocally state that in my 20+ years of knowing Mary, she is truly one of the most engaging, interesting, and optimistic persons I know. Her motivation, intellect, and ability to communicate with such a wide breadth of individuals on such varied topics is amazing. Her understanding of human nature and how to connect to people is inspiring. I can without hesitation support her on any endeavor and know when she gets involved with something it is going to be accomplished with flying colors.”

Jason Cronin, MBA PMP, ITIL Expert

Director, FTI Consulting

“Dr. Mary Kelly is a very astute, detail oriented, and personable individual who is proficient in her genre and takes pride in the services she provides to universal audiences. Obvious by her participant’s feedback, Dr. Kelly’s objectives are met and her deliveries superseded their expectations. As a participant in Dr. Kelly’s workshops, I offer very positive testimony to a superb delivery of surviving tests of human dignity in trials of unforeseen perils. She describes how ordinary challenges might offer opportunities with extraordinary triumphs simply by believing in one’s self, and never entertaining the thought of giving up. I highly recommend Dr. Kelly as an expert in leadership.”

Carolyn Betts

Author, Life Transitions - Specialist at Carolyn Betts You Can! (CBYC)

“Dr. Mary Kelly is an amazingly effective leadership expert. Her educational background along with the practical skills she has acquired truly allows her to walk her talk. I literally watched her transform lives. She is inspirational, motivational, and full of immediately practical business ideas. Her passion for learning and relationship skills make her a dream to work with. If you are serious about improving your leadership skills she is the one you want. I can’t wait to hear Mary speak again!”

Andrew Wooten

Crime Prevention Practitioner and Saftey & Security Consultant, Safety Awareness Firearms Education S.A.F.E.

“Curiosity Instigator & Professional Speaker — It is rare to find a person like Mary Kelly that is able to inspire audiences around the world, mentor her fellow speakers, and have a heart that shows a profound care for her fellow human beings and her beloved dogs. Her profound knowledge, combined with her charismatic personality and her heart of gold, make her a rare combination that truly connects with the audience and gets her message across. She is truly memorable!”

André Van Hall

Dan and I had the pleasure of listening to the amazing Mary C Kelly this morning! The program is called “In case of emergency break Glass” – Imagine if anything happened to you or your spouse/partner/parents?? What if nothing was written trust…no emergency contact? Who gets to take care of your children .. or your dogs or cats? Don’t let strangers in the courts make decisions for you or have your family members assume they would know your wishes for your family and your belongings. Have you updated your beneficiaries on your 401k/benefits or is it an ex -spouse…or a child you don’t talk to. .or a deceased parent?

We realized that we didn’t know these items or even all of each other’s bank accounts (guess I have to tell him about ALL of them?? ;)) we don’t know each other’s bills, passwords, etc… This is important to talk about now…before it is too late.

Talk about it. Make a plan. Even putting a card in your wallet with who the police should contact if you are in an accident, especially if have kids or pets that need to be taken care, is a huge step. REALTOR/REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE FRIENDS – what an amazing thing to offer or talk about with clients too. Help them get organized and protect their biggest investment and their family’s future?! Thank you again so much Mary C Kelly for helping us get on track!!

Suzy Brothers

“Mary conducted a 3 hour leadership workshop/presentation for our state (police department) conference. She is a true professional who brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her presentation was well received and extremely valuable.”

Mac Tristan

Chief of Police, Coppell Police Department

“Mary is an outstanding professional speaker. As a leadership expert, she helps people and businesses become wildly successful. Every group that experiences her talk agrees that she is amazing! (I) highly recommend Mary for your next conference, retreat, or business training.”

Chuck Maher, CFP

Morally Responsible Investing

“If you’re not working with Mary, you’re missing out on the best! At Pathos Leadership Group, we have high standards when we reach out and strategically partner. What can I tell you about Mary? Her professionalism astounds me, her intelligence is incredible and her humor is boundless. I recommend running, not walking, to see if you can get her to work with you and your organization right now.

Still reading this recommendation… What are you waiting for?”

Sam Palazzolo

Business Advisory Services, Venture Capital & Private Equity

“What an AMAZING woman! So incredibly knowledgeable (PhD in economics? who does that?) and so generous with that knowledge. She is a catalyst for [meaningful] change and instantly designs recommendations or
jump starting change that inspire, encourage and energize. A force with which to be reckoned (only in the best way) her genuine enthusiasm for authentic leadership, fullness of life and lovable dogs is contagious. Doesn’t hurt that her sense of humor is FABULOUS, too! I feel so fortunate and blessed to call Mary colleague and friend.”

Meredith Masse

Certified Kolbe Consultant

Ann Terry & Donna Alengi Testimonials Duo Circular

“Thank you so much for a wonderful keynote at our Annual Conference. Your 20 years of active duty in intelligence with the Navy really caught the audience’s attention, and set exactly the right tone, and while you were wonderfully entertaining, the substance and leaning of your message was very enlightening and informative.

We personally appreciated your very high standard of professionalism. You were a pleasure to work with. As people who hire and work with a number of professional speakers every year, we found your preparation and professional approach to be very reassuring and pleasant. Thank again for your great contribution to the success of our meeting.”

Special District Association
Ann Terry, Executive Director and Donna Alengi, Deputy Executive Director

“It was off the charts! I could have listened to more of what she had to offer. Thanks for sharing. Totally enjoyed it.”

Pam Wigglesworth

APPS Singapore

“Mary’s presentation was lively and interesting. I can relate to the topic and can use it to manage my team. Many thanks, Mary! “

Adrian Tang, APPS Singapore

APPS Singapore

Testimonials Words Bubble

ON behalf of LIMRA, LOMA, and the SOA, I want to thank you for speaking at the DI & LTC Insurers’ Forum in Florida. Your session received excellent reviews. In fact, your presentation was mentioned as a highlight of the conference with comments like the following:
– “Terrific. Informational and motivating in both professional and family environments.”
– “Mary Kelly’s presentation was a highlight. Very enjoyable.”
– “Mary was very motivated and her real life experiences helped make all her points. Wonderful presentation.”

We especially want to thank you for your professionalism, excellent preparation, and your willingness to share your expertise. Our audience expects very high caliber speakers, and you exceeded their expectations.  Thank you again for contributing the success of the DI & ITC Insurers’ Forum.

Donna Ericson

Conference Consultant, LIMRA

When I picked up ‘15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy’ from Amazon I wasn’t expecting much more than the usual tips that you find in most of these types of books but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised… The author, Mary C. Kelly, has an easy to read style that’s not complicated in the least and will be a breeze for practically any reader. Ms Kelly adds copious notes at the beginning and excellent questions at the end of each chapter to get her points across more powerfully and engage the reader more intensely. I like that. It shows that she not only knows her stuff but actually cares about the subject and the people reading… I found this book very entertaining and stuffed full of little tidbits of information that I could use even after almost 20 years as a small business owner. If you’re just starting out this is required reading if you want to survive the coming months and years. If you’re an ‘old pro’ like me pick it up anyway. The tips and insights are well worth the read.

Greg Iacono

Owner of Greg Creates

Dr. Mary Kelly is one of the most fluid and relatable speakers I have had the pleasure of watching. Her topics are relevant and she presents them with a solid knowledge base and, more importantly, passion. She has a way of charging the audience to excite them about otherwise flat and fact-heavy subjects, like economics and financial planning. Mary incorporates her own unique sense of humor and mannerisms that make everyone laugh and actually enjoy listening to her stories and advice. I have heard her speak several times and each time I leave with sore cheeks from smiling so much and a list of action items that I need to complete. I would highly recommend Dr. Kelly to anyone looking for a speaker to inform and entertain!

Beth Wade Divelbiss

Director of Business Operations and Marketing at Association of Graduates - USAF

Energetic and creative, Mary was an instructor who could make any dull subject come alive. With a sharp wit and cleverly constructed stories or examples, she energized students in a variety of subjects from freshman college history to planning a persona budget. She is one of the most creative and motivating facilitators or instructors I have worked with.

Michael Paulovich

DBA, Project Management Office

Mary is the premier Leadership and Productivity Expert for businesses, government organizations, and associations. She finds efficient and creative ways to solve business problems. The consummate service provider, Dr. Mary Kelly is easy to work with, friendly and approachable at all levels. She is simply AWSOME….Book her if you can!

Scott Eaton

CAS, Certified Advertising Specialist at Attention Getters

Mary Kelly was a fabulous keynote speaker for the W2W Mentor Mingle.  Not only did she address why women need to help other women, but she brought it down to how individuals in the audience have helped her.  She leads by example!

Anne Wamser

Founder of Woman to Woman Mentoring

Mary is an incredible person and speaker. She would be a great asset for any team/business. I know her both on a professional and personal level and you cannot find a better person or worker.

Eddie Pilcher

Pilot, United States Navy

I’ve known Mary since 1997. Effective leader, manager and teacher. Creative, inspirational and energetic. Embodies the highest sense of personal integrity and commitment.

Rod Gibbons

APR, Director of Public Affairs - U.S. Naval Academy

I already knew she was smart and kind, but I didn’t know how laugh out loud funny Mary Kelly was (and is). In her presentation at the Colorado Speaker’s Academy, she filled our heads with great information, a multitude of ideas and kept us engaged with her style and humor. I would recommend her for any speaking engagement, anywhere. I feel lucky to have been in the audience.

Melanie Smithson

VP of Membership - National Speakers Association Colorado Chapter

Mary Kelly is a joy to work with. She is attentive, quick to respond and an absolute professional. Her topics are applicable and her delivery method refreshing. I’d highly recommend her as a speaker to any organization!

Julie Gates (Woodfin)

Professional Development Manager - Colorado Association of Realtors®

Mary Kelly is a consummate professional and very knowledgeable in regards to helping businesses and organizations optimize their potential. She helps through great organizational skills, marketing and networking knowledge, as well as understanding economic side of their businesses as well! I highly recommend Mary as a great resource to help any business or organization reach their potential!

Ann McNeill

Real Estate Broker Associate - Keller Williams Integrity Real Estate LLC

As Vice President of the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce, I thank you for the informative presentation on Social Media Networking last week at UCCS.   Mary’s professional, down to earth and humorous demeanor created a relaxed but educational atmosphere for the audience to listen and learn.  Mary Kelly makes work important and fun. Entertaining, funny, and energetic!

Kathleen Foster

Vice President - Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce

I was interviewed for by a college student regarding my experience as a woman CEO. One of the questions asked was who inspires and influences me as leader. Here’s my answer: ‘Mary Kelly, PhD, CEO of Productive Leaders. She is a strong and powerful leader who takes a generous and gracious approach to all she does. She has the perfect blend of strength, resolve and compassion.’ Thank you for your contribution to my life!

Christine Yocum

Art and Style Baking

Thank you, Dr. Kelly, for your uplifting words at the Texas Municipal League’s Women in Government breakfast this morning. Your words were full of inspiration, encouragement, and strength! Your words were just what I needed today! THANK YOU for “lighting the fire.”

Dr. Mary Barnes-Tilly

Government Professor and Social Sciences Division Chair

Mary is an energetic presenter whose combination of humor and knowledge makes a memorable experience for her audience. In fact, she takes her audience’s needs into account and tailors her presentation to those needs. She knows her content and skillfully boils it down to the essentials.

Melissa Gantz Bowden

Web Content Editor

Mary accepted my invitation to speak at the winter 2007 CHART (Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers) Conference in Annapolis, MD. She was a professor at the United States Naval Academy at that time. Her topic was “Everything that I learned about Leadership, I learned from my dogs”. While obviously professional, Mary’s approach to leadership and team development utilized a fun and interactive method based on her experience training (you guessed it) dogs. Her message was clear – focus on the trainee, reward positive behavior, do not tolerate poor behavior. So simple, but so true – even when applied to humans. It was a treat to have Mary participate by delivering her presentation at two break-out sessions – two of the highest of the entire conference. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to cut through the clutter and achieve breakthrough results. Her knowledge and depth of experience goes well beyond this particular topic.

John Alexander

Sr. National Accounts Sales Manager - East / National Restaurant Association

Great presentation on Friday at CSWEN luncheon. Found myself sharing info at our BeautiControl training on Saturday afternoon regarding the importance of growing our businesses with Customer Service. Thanks Mary!

Becky Hume

Executive VP - BeautiControl

Mary conducted a brilliant 90 minute session for the Black Chamber of Commerce on Social Media for Business. People called me the next day to rave about how much they learned, and how dynamic Mary is. She truly cares about her audiences, is committed to helping them grow their business, and delivers her program in an entertaining and approachable manner. We are looking forward to the next opportunity to engage Mary in our work.

Will Phillips

Entrepreneurial Development and Training

I attended Mary’s Social Media class this past week and can heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to harness the power of these sites to make their business thrive. Mary is an incredible presenter, speaker and leader. She teaches by example and makes you strive to be better by equipping you with the tools you need and some you didn’t even know existed. If you want to take your business to the next level, Mary is the person to help you get there.

Debi Bauer

Owner at Executive Assistant -On Call, LLC

Mary Kelly, CDR, United States Navy, retired, has been practicing leadership and motivational speaking worldwide for over 20 years. From Annapolis to the Philippines and Korea to Key West, Mary has been getting Sailors and Marines to willingly give their best. She can facilitate the same results in any corporation, large or small. Couple her abilities with the sense of humor cultivated by a military career and the results are a dynamic, engaging experience not soon forgotten.

Steve Kelly

Supplier Relationship Manager, Bell Helicopter at Defense Logistics Agency

As (Mary’s) VA, I have been so fortunate to see Mary’s work, including her speeches, Organize Your Life Workbook, and more. She is absolutely amazing! Mary is not only super-intelligent, but also deeply inspiring and compassionate. I’ve also come to know that she is surrounded by people who just adore her. If you get a chance to meet her or listen to her speech, you’ll know why! As a leadership and communications expert, Mary also gives me a big freedom to do the best I can without micro-managing me. I’m truly thankful that I met her.

Mika Howard

Owner, MTH Virtual Assistance

Mary Kelly has the gift of being able to share a lot of quality information and hard data in a light hearted, fun style that ensures her audiences remain engaged and interested in what she has to say. She is both personable and professional at every presentation. Mary loves her topic and it shows; her enthusiasm in contagious. I’ve been privileged to hear her speak on a variety of topics and each presentation was so genuine and well designed that it easily held my attention. She doesn’t just train on leadership, she demonstrates it in everything she does.

Pamela Potter

Writer, Editor, Wordsmith

Mary presented a content-rich social media session in March 2010. I enjoyed the small group setting and the information to help me grow my business. Mary is awesome!

Camille Griffin

General Manager - Social Club

Mary conducted a social media session for my company and it was exactly what we needed! She is very patient with beginning users, and we all gained from her vast experience. We already signed up for another session!

Linda Holmgren

Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional

Prior to the conference, Mary was prepared with questions to obtain a thorough understanding of the event as well as her audience. She also made a commitment to really take the time to get to know the women participants, which demonstrates who Mary is as a person.

Meghan Florkowski

Program Manager, V-WISE Institute for Veterans and Military Families

Mary is an expert in her field. She has such a positive outlook in life that will truly move and motivate you. She is a wonderful businesswoman and an asset in her field.

Regina Bright

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Sex Therapist at Stepping Stones Professional Counseling, Inc.

Mary is a people oriented person that delivers great content. Her level of knowledge and expertise allows her to effortlessly communicate with those who attend her seminars. I recommend Mary to anyone that is interested in having a first-class presentation made with an emphasis on connecting with attendees, while providing quality content.

Greg Williams

Negotiation Expert

I met Mary several years ago and attended several seminars she presented. I introduced her to the South Metro Chamber Cultural Business Alliance. She presented for them in September 2012. I received several calls from attendees and the coordinator on what a great job she did. The event lasted until 5:00 PM, but the line to meet Mary and talk with her went on until 6:30 PM. A super event we have her to thank. I then hired Mary to talk about the U S Economy to my American Business Women’s Association Group. Different topic from before, but extremely well presented and again I received great feedback on her. You cannot go wrong asking Mary to speak at one of your events. She is an expert in economics and speaks often on growing your business.

Louise Walsh

President at Resolution Enterprises, LLC

Mary is an expert leader in communications, organization, management, economics, and finance. She is also fantastic speaker who can share her knowledge in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. She truly engages with her audience and exceeds expectations every time she presents. She can speak to large and small groups and you feel she is in tune with her audience the entire time. It is a pleasure to work with Mary and I highly recommend her for your keynote or training session.

Bree (Powell) Beal

MBA, LEED AP, Marketing Manager & Business Development at Silman, Mid-Atlantic Region

Mary’s presentation at the Fort Worth/Mid-Cities American Society for Training and Development’s Christmas program was exceptional. Her presentation skills, power-point, and hand-outs were impressive and highly tailored to fit her audience. Her leadership experience combined with her personal charisma and sense of humor made the evening one of the best we have had this year. Thank you, Mary.

John Wright

President at Simple Leadership Strategies, LLC

The Senior Resource Council recently had Mary Kelly come and speak at our event. It was the first event, ever, that came back with an ‘outstanding’ review on the speaker from every single person who filled out a survey. I can’t say enough about Mary Kelly and the way she can speak to a huge audience of businesses with diverse backgrounds and still seem like she is speaking specifically to each person in the room! Not only would I recommend her, I would give you a 100% guarantee that you will love any presentation she gives! Mary Kelly is one-of-a-kind!

Shannon Rogers

Owner and CEO at Core Connections, LLC

Mary was a guest speaker at the Southern Chapter of HSMAI. All attendees were inspired by Mary and we would love to have her come back and speak again in the near future.

Barbara Canty

Director of Sales at Hampton Inn & Suites Denver/South-Ridgegate

True Leadership is not about a position of power. It is about influence, and the ability to enact positive change.” (Mary Kelly, PhD)  If you are in fact looking for positive change in yourself and or your organization then look no further. Dr. Mary Kelly has the credentials and experience that will help individuals, entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives to become the leader they strive to be. Dr. Kelly has the ability to capture her audience through personnel experiences and connect with her target audience. Dr. Kelly will motivate you because of her people skills, warm personality and the professional approach she brings to every speaking engagement. I have had the honor of attending her presentations on two different occasions and walked away each time feeling more productive and motivated because of her fun engaging approach. I would encourage you to make Dr. Kelly a priority and invite her to your community, a conference or fundraiser so she can share her enthusiasm and expertise with you. Dr. Kelly will consult, coach and energize you to a different level and help you reach your greater potential.

Ray Beck

Membership Chair for CLUB 20, Chairman of the Colorado Aeronautical Board and current City Council member for Craig, CO

Everyone needs a Dr. Mary Kelly! I have worked with Mary on various projects and boards. She is knowledgeable, personable, and energetic. Her speaking skills are impeccable. Despite her busy schedule, she has taken the time to meet with me personally for a discussion on economics. Mary is a rising star and I am glad I have gotten to know her over the past two years.

Linda Jacob

CFP(R), AFC(R), Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.

Mary Kelly is a well known speaker and author. I had the privilege to see her act as an Emcee at an event for the National Speakers Association in Denver. She was terrific! Energetic, great at situational humor, totally prepared. Trust me when I tell you that you won’t be disappointed if you decide to hire Mary as an Emcee at your next event!

Lois Creamer


Mary is a dynamic speaker, skilled at drawing the audience into her presentations to enhance their ability to not only grasp, but also retain, key leadership and management concepts that she presents. She makes a top-notch keynote speaker at any business or leadership training event.

Tracy Sims

Program Director - University of Maryland Center for Advanced Study of Language

Mary is a very astute and warm hearted woman. I wish everyone could get to know her as an example of sacrificing to reach your goals. It wasn’t until after I met Mary that I found her many accomplishments made my jaw drop! She doesn’t wear those on her sleeves.

Jay Gomez

Jay's Roofing and Storm

I can’t say enough about how you can deliver the state of the economy (the good, bad, and the ugly, most of it being ugly), yet still make it enjoyable to listen to! Amazing!

Valerie Caruso

Vino with Val

I had the privilege of hearing Mary speak recently, and of visiting with her before and after. She is a phenomenal motivator who sees and thinks out of the box. Her energy is highly infectious.

Gina McCormick

Executive Assistant at Basic Energy Services

I saw Mary speak at an NSA event. Not only is she a great motivational speaker that connects with her audience, she is truly a pay-it-forward person that is easy to work with and if she can’t help you she will recommend people who can. Thanks Mary.

Mark Muller

Mary is energetic, creative and delivers on commitments. She manages to take any situation and make it a positive experience. Mary is an out of the box thinker and can make any subject interesting and can provoke thought. She is a leader and a take charger individual.

Vicki Harrison

Owner - Optimum Health, Inc.

Commander Mary Kelly and I served together at Pearl Harbor in the mid-1990’s. The region was undergoing consolidation and leadership was key to making it happen successfully. Mary Kelly supplied much of that leadership. With many people wringing their hands in despair, Commander Kelly championed a ‘CAN DO’ attitude that was sorely needed. She inspired people to accept the coming changes and made them feel good about their efforts and roles. CDR Kelly has brought her winning ways into her civilian career. I would be delighted to work with her again.

Bill Rigby

PE VP, BE&K Government Group / Chief of Staff, Navy Region Hawaii

Mary Kelly is one of the best facilitators and speakers I have heard in my career. She is tactful and professional and well received by all employees. I strongly recommend any organization use Mary’s talents when tackling tough presentation topics or your facilitation needs with senior managers and elected officials.
She is great!

John Aguirre

Human Resource Director, City of Gillette, WY

Your proactive, deliberate approach to achieving goals and success is the breath of fresh air you get right before it was almost too late. Your positive attitude is contagious and enormously appreciated. Thank you, Mary.

Wynona Chilbert

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