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Create a Rocking Company Culture that includes your Remote Workers

What do you know about your remote workers? If you aren’t able to recall key details of their lives, hobbies or passions, there’s a strong chance that they may be feeling left out of your company. This means they are less likely to feel loyal to your organization or team. A recent survey found that 70% of remote workers feel left out. Discover how to create an engaging, inviting and inspiring company culture with our remote workers starting today.

Communicate Authentically

Remote workers are often given a straightforward assignment email and otherwise ignored. While many remote employees value succinct information and efficient communication, part of remote company culture is friendly conversation. Find ways to ask about their daily lives, offer chat groups or promote a weekly snapshot of each of your remote workers as a way to celebrate their achievements, both inside and outside of your company. Even small personal communications can be effective at presenting a more personal side of your company. Invite remote workers to an online seminar, group video conference or other online event to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

Be Flexible With Hours and Realistic With Goals

Part of professional communication and positive value inclusion in your company should be flexible, realistic goals. One of the most generous benefits you can give your remote workers is a flexible schedule. Be clear that their schedule still includes firm deadlines, but also communicate that this level of flexibility is an intentional benefit that you hope to pass on to them.

Offer Engaging Incentives

Remote workers are in a unique position to benefit from online training and other personalized benefits. Unlike traditional workers, creating avenues for further education and leadership training needs to be done creatively in order to succeed.

For more essential advice on creating company culture or to learn how you can offer inspiring online classes as a benefit for your remote workers, browse the Productive Leaders University and register for a course today. With in-depth training and inspiring lessons and advice by internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Mary Kelly, you’ll find the resources you need to expand your company culture to include every employee. An engaged company is a productive company, whether online, in-person or both.


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