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Making the Most of Your Time

Wealth is discretionary time.
-Alan Weiss

I am not sure if Alan was the first to say it, but it resonated with me. Many people work to make a living, but they don’t have much of a life.

There are a few ways of building real wealth, not monetary wealth.
1. Live in the moment. Focus on being present in the moment and enjoying the process of what your life is.
2. Enjoy the work that you do. If you don’t love every single thing that you do, change your attitude.
3. Get rid of the energy vampires in your life. If there are people who are causing you to lose energy, stay away from them.
4. Try not to work with people who are bad for you. I wrote an article recently that I wasn’t sure people would find funny. One of my friends commented that if the people reading my article didn’t think it was funny, I didn’t need to work with them anyway. Good advice!
5. Get rid of your own baggage. Don’t let your own doubts, misconceptions, or fears get in your own way. Stay out of your own way and go forward.
Have a great day and enjoy your world!


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