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Blessed are they…..

There are those people in every organization who perform the myriad of tasks that everyone takes for granted.
If you haven’t done any of these in a while, then you owe someone a thank you.
I once had a boss who, when my time with the organization was complete (my tour was finished) and I was getting my outbrief, looked at me and blankly said, “I honestly don’t know exactly what you do around here.”
I replied that much of what I did was, in fact, largely unnoticed because there were no problems associated with my department. “But don’t worry,” I assured him, “You’ll know more about what I did after I have been a gone a few weeks. When I’m not here, you’ll suddenly miss me.”
I wasn’t trying to be self-aggrandizing or arrogant. He just never knew how many problems never got to his level because they were handled at mine.
Then there are the basic, every day activities:

1. Making the coffee (and again and again)
2. Refilling the paper tray in the copier
3. Sorting the mail
4. Signing for delivery packages
5. Cleaning out the office refrigerator
6. Taking care of the trash
7. Sending flowers to whoever is sick, had a baby, or lost someone
8. Making the lunch run
9. Answering the phones in the common areas
10. Replacing the toner in the printers

So to those people who DO those unappreciated, daily activities that make it nicer for the rest of us, thank you!!


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