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Money Smart: Personal Finance to Live Well
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Money Smart is directed toward 18-30-year-olds who want to build wealth and live well. Easy to read, and quick to implement, this guide explains:

  • how to buy a car,
  • whether to rent or buy a house,
  • how to develop effective saving and spending plans,
  • how compound interest works,
  • how to plan for retirement, and
  • how and where to invest.  

Dr. Mary Kelly was once asked if she was afraid of the risk involved with investing. Mary’s answer was, “I am far more afraid of having to buy cat food when I don’t have a cat.” This became part of the many personal finance courses Mary has taught for three universities to thousands of students. Money Smart is dedicated to Mary’s students, with the hope that they will make smart decisions, live well, and help others. Being smart about personal finances has never been more important. Start now! Perfect for college students, new managers, or anyone who needs guidance and motivation on how to be smart with money.

Reuters-Money-Smart Link GraphicMoney Smart is dedicated to my students, with my hope that they will make smart decisions, live well, and help others. Mary has been published by The Wall Street Journal, the Denver Business Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo Finance, News 9, PR Newswire, Seeking Alpha, KCTV, Reuters, Vimeo, and eMag.   Read full article…

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass!
PROGRAM DELIVERY:  Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming | Webinar


A systematic and humorous program to organize important life documents.

5 out of 5 people surveyed discovered that none of us are going to live forever.

If something catastrophic happened to you today, would your family know what to do? Would your office staff know what actions to take? If you had to evacuate, could you grab all of your important paperwork in less than 30 seconds?

The reality is, no one wants to think about the time when they are not around. No one ever thinks anything tragic is going to happen to them.

Great leaders need to make sure they are personally prepared, that their families are protected, and that their employees have their important life documents in order.

Can we do all of this in less than an hour? Yes!
Can Mary guide us through what we need to know? Yes!
Can it be funny and entertaining? Yes!

Learning Outcomes:
– Understand and assemble an organized system of life paperwork including letters of instruction, wills, trusts, health care directives, insurance, and end of life planning with Mary’s In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! workbook.
– Assess the needs of a personal business plan that does not involve you.
– Design a legacy plan that encompasses your business’s specific needs and protects your family.
– Get the important paperwork and critical information in ONE place so your personal representative can start right away working on your behalf and protesting everything you work for.

Less than 40% of Americans have a current will, and a will is only the beginning. Don’t be left unprepared!

“We had the pleasure of listening to the amazing Mary C. Kelly this morning! The program is called “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” – Imagine if anything happened to you or your spouse/partner/parents?? What if nothing was written down…no will…no trust…no emergency contact? Who gets to take care of your children…or your dogs or cats? This is important to talk about now…before it is too late. Thank you again so much, Mary C. Kelly, for helping us get on track!”

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