Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success

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Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success is a corporate training and conference keynote that is based on data and delivered in a way that entertains and engages audiences of all levels.  

Great leadership, if you are doing it right, is hard.  Being a great leader is more than just showing up, going through the motions, sitting in the big chair, and getting paid. 

Great leaders are always thinking about how they can become even better for their organizations, their people, and themselves. Our goal with this research was to identify areas where great leaders can become even better. 




We surveyed over 100,000 employees in over 70 different industries. We asked a variety of questions, such as:

  • “What gets in the way of you doing your job more effectively?”
  • “What could leadership do at your organization that would help you be more productive?”
  • “What tools or training do you need so that you can function more efficiently?”


And delved into specific frustrations:

  • “Have you ever seen a really good person be promoted to a leadership position and they struggled?”
  • “Why did they struggle?”
  • “What does your leadership do that frustrates you?”
  • “What are your leaders and managers doing that cause them to sabotage their own success, even though they may have the best of intentions?”


We gathered the data and then categorized it into seven critical areas which define successful leaders.
The 7 critical areas are Vision, Trust, Teamwork, Empathy, Fairness, Humility, and Decision-making.  



In this highly engaging and deeply effective book and program, leaders will gain insights to:

  • Understand why your top talent is not performing up to their top potential
  • Learn specific actions that lead to both short-term and long-term success
  • Control and manage how you are perceived by your team, your peers, and your leadership
  • Identify small actions that sabotage the loyalty and productivity of the people around you


Using the 7 Prescriptions for Success Assessment, leaders are able to focus their energies on the activities that maximize their time and resources.  


This program comes with a vault of materials that includes:

    • The 7 Prescriptions for Success course handout
    • The 7 Prescriptions for Success workbook
    • The 7 Prescriptions for Success Assessment
    • The 12-Month Business Success and Accountability Planner
    • The 90-Day Business Bootcamp Project Management tool
    • Resiliency: 7 Skills To Bounce Back During Tough Times and more!



Commander Mary Kelly, US Navy (retired) spent 25 years of active duty in the Navy. She was a military professor at the Naval Academy and a civilian professor at the Air Force Academy. She learned lessons in leadership in the first and second gulf wars and during 911. She uses real-world military and industry examples that resonate with participants.

“Why Leaders Fail is a book that must be required reading for all those who are in leadership or desire to be in leadership positions. The book does a superb job of outlining the theory required to be an outstanding leader. The book then goes many steps further by telling the reader how to accomplish this task. It spells out in an outstanding manner how to make it happen. It is truly a recipe for success. If a leader implements what the authors recommend, they will be a truly outstanding leader.”

Captain David Warshawsky

US Navy (Ret)

“We wanted to send you a huge thank you for joining us at the SHDA Summit in Phoenix and for your wonderful presentation on Why Leaders Fail. We’ve received such enthusiastic feedback about your topic and the environment you created. Our attendees were engaged and got so much out of their time with you.”

Amy J. Halligan


“Thanks so much to Mary for speaking at the Women in Defense, Rocky Mountain Chapter October breakfast event. Mary presented a seminar on ‘Why Leaders Fail’, and the feedback from the 30 guests in attendance couldn’t have been better. Mary kept us laughing while providing valuable information we can use in the workplace. We definitely plan to ask Mary to speak at another event in 2017. Thanks so much, Mary!”

Julie Veazey

“Mary Kelly is a dynamic leadership speaker who engages and inspires any audience! She is only matched by the vitality and usefulness of her own book, “Why Leaders Fail.”  In it, she provides a straightforward and compelling model for any leader, (or aspiring leader), to follow. Mary is a clear and powerful leadership voice in a world that needs more of what she offers. Do not miss out!”

Paul N Larsen

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