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How Time, or the Lack of Time, Creates Stress

How many times do you say “I just don’t have enough time?” Do you ever feel overwhelmed because of lack of time? Do you ever have so many things to do running around in your head that you cannot focus? Me too. What happens when we feel we have too much to do?  Some people actually experience a sense of panic. When we waste time that we don’t have, we often feel annoyed or guilty with ourselves for not getting tasks accomplished. When other people waste our time (or we feel others waste our time, such as holding needless meetings, repetitive paperwork, or unnecessary processes) we may become frustrated and impatient. When we want to give more of our time to others and we cannot, (such as wanting to go to family events on weekends or enjoying leisure time with friends) we grow concerned and worried that we are failing those closest to us. How can we combat the stress of the constant lack of time and use the time we have efficiently?

  1. Say ‘no’ to requests that are not important.
  2. Try to limit interruptions.  I know people who wear headphones at work so that others will only interrupt them if it is important.
  3. Plan to do the most demanding and important tasks when you are at your best.  Set realistic deadlines for tasks.  People work to deadlines because deadlines give us focus.  We cannot do everything all at once, so a deadline forces us to prioritize on that particular item.
  4. Specialize on what you do best and get help on work that you don’t do well.
  5. Schedule uninterrupted time to finish those little jobs that add up otherwise.
  6. As Kelli Vrla says, “Give up being a perfection-ista.”  ( Being perfect all the time is stressful.  Focus on being successful, not on being perfect.  You’ll get more accomplished and reduce your stress levels.


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