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summitx business leadership roundtable

Business Leadership Roundtable SUMMITx

What’s the difference in our business today from a year ago?
Are we better off?
What will our businesses look like tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year?

What will we say was a great outcome of the challenges we are facing right now?

Yes, external shocks have impacted lives and business around the world. But, our business success is contingent more on our actions than what’s going on around us.

It is key that we set the stage to succeed as business owners and leaders, heading into 2021. That’s why we are holding a 35-minute “SummitX.” This is a quick, 35-minute session with Mark Hunter, Sam Richter, Meridith Elliott Powell, and me.

The SummitX event is an outgrowth of the Business Leadership Roundtable, an organization led by the four of us. In this 35-minute session, you’ll gain quick insights that you can use right away, not just in sales but in business and leadership to help you become even more successful in 2021.

This one-time event is happening Thursday, December 10 at 12PM EST. It is FREE! I promise it will be well worth your time. Join us!

One more thing, if you attend this event, you’ll also receive free bonuses that you and your team can take advantage of immediately. Our primary goal with SummitX is to help you achieve success, despite all of the circumstances around us. Register here!

ps. Download the FREE American Business for 2021 and Beyond Whitepaper Report created by the Business Leadership Roundtable. You’ll learn how top CEOs are leading their companies through the Covid-19 crisis, today and tomorrow, and discover the challenges, opportunities, and solutions you can immediately implement to help your business.


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