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Stick that Landing!

During the London Olympics we marveled at tremendous feats of tumbling, vaulting, bars, rings and beams. Did you hear the parents encouraging their competitors? Over and over we heard “stick the landing!” As fans we held our collective breathe until that last important step was firmly planted on the mat. The landing shows control and mastery. Maintaining strength and focus until the very end, throughout the entire routine, is critical to a successful gymnastics event, or costly deductions result. What does “sticking the landing” look like in business? It means:

  • Preparing to be great during every second of an event.
  • Following up with people you promised to contact after an event.
  • Returning phone calls quickly.
  • Reaching out to customers AFTR they made a purchase.
  • Continuing to add value to your clients long after the sale is complete.

Olympic athletes teach us lessons to remember in life and in business:

  • Get back up after a fall or a loss and try again.
  • Focus on the next event, not on the past.
  • Your teammates are just as important to your success as you are.
  • Do everything with 100% of effort.
  • How you behave, your sportsmanship, is just as important as whether or not you “won” the deal.

My favorite Olympic moments were not about the medals. The most amazing moments were watching intensely competitive athletes from different countries and different teams congratulating each other. Win or not, that mutual respect and acknowledgment of the years of effort by a fellow competitor was truly sticking the landing.



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