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spring break on the beach

Leading Your Team for a Spring Break for Business

Spring break is a time for fun, sun, and silliness. Spring is a great time to cut loose, relax, and recharge.

But many entrepreneurs and business people rarely take time to relax, because they are so devoted to their work. As it turns out, I am not very good at relaxing either. Apparently, most Type A personalities fail at relaxing.

Why is taking time off so important? Why is relaxing, the act of stepping away from work for a short time, so hard for so many people? Why are entrepreneurs so driven to work?

The good news is many of these workaholics are passionate about what they do and the value they provide. These people are so energized by the planning, strategizing, and working on and at their business that they almost resent the vacations that take them away from their workspace. These people lie on the beach, watch whales, and compute profit and loss statements in their head. You may have seen these people – they twitch a little bit reaching for a non-existent tablet or computer to jot down notes.

Relaxing your brain and getting a fresh perspective, however, is integral for true creative development, which is exactly why stepping away from the business, for even a short time, may be the best thing you can do. A clinical psychologist friend told me once that for the brain to recharge it needs a 96 hours of down time in a fresh environment to switch gears. We may think we love our day to day routine, but shifting gears allows our cortex to hit the reset button, making us ultimately, more productive.

So take a lesson from college students, and give you and your business a healthy spring break to be a better leader.


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