The Five Minute Leadership Guide



Thoughtful leadership is needed now more than ever. Great organizations need their top talent to be great leaders, as well as subject matter experts. Leadership has to be developed.

Leadership improves with experience, practice, and effort. This guide is a personal journey to become an even better leader.


This guide is:

  • A structured format to prompt leadership improvement each day
  • An easy-to-complete format, with just one page per day, focusing on priorities, challenges, reminders, and accomplishments
  • Preparation for future leadership situations by understanding in advance how great leaders respond
  • Quick inspiration and motivation throughout the day to decrease stress and improve leadership clarity
  • 365 days to review an entire year of leadership progress

“Everyone in my organization is getting a copy”

“Perfect to help my leaders stay focused on leading their teams”

“A must-have for every new graduate heading into their first professional job”

Mary C. Kelly is the CEO of Productive Leaders, a firm dedicated to improving productivity, profits, and morale. Mary spent 25 years on active duty in the Navy, mostly in Asia. As a corporate advisor, speaker, and trainer, Mary works with teams to improve strategy, decision-making, and revenues. Mary was named as one of the top 50 keynote sales speakers in the world and is in the speaker’s hall of fame.

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“I really enjoyed both my classes. However, Dr. Mary C. Kelly’s class (The Five-Minute Leadership Guide) really stood out the most for me!”

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