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Post-Conference To-Do List

The National Speaker’s Association (the other NSA) holds a yearly convention that is beyond awesome. I learn from the sessions, meet smart and talented people, and get great platform and business ideas. I also leave with a To-Do list.

Here are the highlights of my NSA To-Do list.

• Set up Google analytics on website.

• Google my name and keywords – manage my online presence more often.

• Set Google alerts on my stuff.

• Blog and cross-blog more, but only with content. Use keywords to tag blog. Use hashtags on blogs, like #NSA11.

• Write everyday.

• Use video and more video with tons of content, and add keywords to make sure each video is searchable.

• Use Twitter more to create more community. Retweet and reply.

• Look at the websites of other NSA people, especially other business leadership people, and see how I can refer others to them.

• Create a totally unique and fun assessment on website that I can use before my sessions. Sally Hogshead’s was great:

• Do marketing autoresponders (thanks David Newman!) and read David’s free ebook

• Use Ford Saeks’ copywriting list to create great copywrite. Review Ford’s 60-minute webinar on Social Media

• Get QR code and add to books, postcards, and business cards (ex: Scott McKain has on his Minibuk).

• Reread everything on Patricia Fripp’s website

• Promote my friends and colleagues to grow a bigger economic pie. (I am still looking for more specifics to do more of this, so if you have an idea, please let me know.)

• Listen to NSA recordings of the sessions I missed.

• Follow-up, follow-up, and follow-up with people I met at the conference.

• Thank the amazing people who made the convention possible!


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