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2018 Newsletters

February 2018: Show Love and Commitment: Succession Planning for Small Business Owners

February 2018: Supercharge Your Staff with Succession Planning

January 2018: Three Ways To Develop Your Millennial Employees’ Leadership Skills

January 2018: Tips for Leading Effective Employee Onboarding in 2018

January 2018: Are You Living With Lifestyle Inflation?

January 2018: 5 Ways Future Workers Will Be Different from Today

January 2018: Tips for Leading Effective Employee Onboarding in 2018




2017 Newsletters

December 2017: Can Leadership Overcome Our Brain’s Patterns?

December 2017: Proper Estate Planning is a Great Holiday Gift

November 2017: Don’t Hurt Your Business with Faulty Assumptions

November 2017: Are You Demotivating Your Team?

November 2017: Are You Building Authentic Trust at Work?

October 2017: The Leadership Lessons From Failures

October 2017: Do You Have These Aspects of Great Leadership?

September 2017: Leading to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

September 2017: How to Plan for Retirement

August 2017: Effective Leadership for Work-from-Home Employees and Virtual Teams

July 2017: Are You Focusing on the A or the F? Make the Most of Your Team’s Strengths

July 2017: Business Apps That Save Time and Decrease Stress?

May 2017: 5 Questions Leaders Need to Ask to Increase Morale at Work

May 2017: Quick Reality Check on Finances

May 2017: When Generation Z Hits the Workplace

April 2017: How Telecommuting Can Increase Business Profits

March 2017: 7 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Boss

March 2017: Are You a Leader Who Encourages Innovation??

March 2017: How Personal Finance Apps Are Changing the Way Millennials Save

March 2017: 5 Traits Leaders Need for Virtual Teams

February 2017: Is Your Confidence Perceived As Arrogance?

January 2017: Can you lead a better workplace for 2017?




2016 Newsletters

December 2016: Sending You My Gratitude with Gifts to You and Your Favorite Charity

November 2016: How to Lead Gratitude at Work – The Happy Thanksgiving edition

November 2016: Are you a leader who can be coached?

October 2016: Leading Employees to Think Like Owners

October 2016: 10 Tips for Resolving Conflict in Associations and Volunteer Organizations

September 2016: Are You Asking Stupid Questions?

September 2016: Are You Leading or Watching Change?

August 2016: Why Your Leadership Instincts are Wrong

August 2016: How Leaders Work a Room – Be a Rockstar Networker

July 2016: Are You A Visionary Leader?

June 2016: Is your leadership getting in the way of profitability?

May 2016: 15 Actions That Great Leaders Do

April 2016: Leading Your Team’s Personal and Professional Development

March 2016: How to Lead For Helpful Feedback

February 2016: Deadlines and Dinosaurs: Leading Accountability

January 2016: How Leaders are Starting 2016

2015 Newsletters

December 2015: Christmas edition 2015: Leading Hope and Optimism

November 2015: Can leaders teach resiliency?

October 2015: How to Lead Like a Chess Master in a Snapchat World

September 2015: Are You A Great Team Player?

August 2015:  Are you leading your clients in the right direction?

July 2015:  Building Trust

June 2015:  Leaders Live Great Customer Service

May 2015:  Are You Leading for the Future?

April 2015:  Leaders Show up and Care

March 2015:  Track this Message The First 100 Days of New Leadership

February 2015:  How to Lead Effective Teams

January 2015:  Year-in-Review: Planning for a Great New Year

2014 Newsletters

December 2014:  Don’t Let a Grinch Steal Christmas

November 2014:  Leading through a Crisis

October 2014:  What to do When Your Top Producers Lose Engagement

September 2014:  5 Ways to Stop the Procrastination Cycle for Leaders

August 2014:  Creating a Team of Happy, Responsive Workers

June 2014:  Millennials at Work

May 2014:  When Current Leadership Isn’t Enough

April 2014:  Leading Well Means Leading With Consistency

March 2014:  7 Ways to Create Better Business Habits for Greater Profitability

February 2014:  Leading Happy People at Valentine’s Day and All Year Long

January 2014:  6 Ways to Lead Your Business to More Profits

2013 Newsletters

December 2013:  12 Days of Christmas

November 2013:  Are you running a business or a hobby?

October 2013:  Suddenly Unemployed or Furloughed?

September 2013:  How to be A Personal Accountability Coach

August 2013:  How to Avoid Spray and Pray Marketing

July 2013:  Who is Your Business Lifeguard?

June 2013:  6 Ways for Business Leaders to Improve Productivity Over the Summer

May 2013:  Beware of These 6 Common (and Costly!) Retirement Mistakes

April 2013:  Battle Market Uncertainty by Running a Great Business

March 2013:  Perfecting Your Pitch: Can Your Elevator Speech Take you to the Top?

February 2013:  14 Effective Ways to Show Employees and Co-Workers a Little Valentine’s Day Appreciation

January 2013:  Done in a Day! Good for the Year! 33 Steps You Can Do in a Day to Start the Year off Right

2012 Newsletters

December 2012:  21 Tricks to Maintain Focus, Motivation, and Deadlines During the Holidays for Busy Leaders

November 2012:  Be Thankful and Profitable

October 2012:  Social Media for the Rest of Us

September 2012:  Effective Change Management

August 2012:  Winning Your Gold Medal

July 2012:  Entrepreneurship: Succeed or Bust!

June 2012:  True or False? Does Your Business Have What it Takes to be Wildly Successful?

May 2012:  10 Tips on How to be a Great Volunteer Board Member for an Association

April 2012:  Don’t Stress about Being Stressed: Embrace Your Busy Life

March 2012:  7 Ways To Communicate More Effectively At Work

February 2012:  Superbowl Edition!

January 2012:  Accountability

2011 Newsletters

December 2011:  Business Resolutions for 2012

November 2011:  A Military Look at Employee Engagement

October 2011:  Dealing with Disappointments

September 2011:  Leading Across Divisions: The Perils of Stovepipe Retailing

August 2011:  Managing Your World When the U.S. Economy is on a Wall Street Roller Coaster

July 2011:  Leadership Starts with Followership – aka What I Learned During Plebe Summer

June 2011:  The Exit Interview is Way Too Late

May 2011:  Managing a Team of Quarterbacks

April 2011:  No One Mourns the Wicked

March 2011:  Life Resolutions: Creating and Setting Life Goals

February 2011:  Customer Appreciation!!!!

January 2011:  Simple Tips for a Wealthier 2011

2010 Newsletters

December 2010:  Managing the Holidays ~ 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday ~

November 2010:  5 Ways to Strategically Plan Your Strategic Planning Meeting

October 2010:  Avoid these 10 Meeting Mistakes

September 2010:  Want Referrals? Be Referable!

August 2010:  Delivering Effective Presentations:  Tricks Professional Speakers Know

July 2010:  The How of a LinkedIn Profile:  How to Build a Great Profile

June 2010:  Marriage and Management – Negotiation at Home and at Work

May 2010:  How to Attract and Keep Great People

April 2010:  The Importance of the Follow-Up

March 2010:  How Start and Maintain a Business Plan

February 2010:  Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, and Product Value is in the Eye of the Buyer

January 2010:  The January Hangover

2009 Newsletters

December 2009:  Leading through the Holidays

November 2009:  Efficiency Wages

October 2009:  Leading through a Recession

September 2009:  Save Time and Resources

July 2009:  Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)

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