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Thank you for choosing The Five Minute Leadership Guide to enhance your leadership journey. If you have already received the book, you know that the beginning of the book sets the stage for your leadership success.

As with any skill, we believe leadership practice helps us develop and learn, and prepares us for the challenges and situations we face as leaders.

The accompanying workbook is Your Personal Strategic Plan. It goes into more detail about how to craft the life you want, be the leader you want, and align your values with your mission and vision. We recommend that you download Your Personal Strategic Plan and use it in conjunction with The FIve Minute Leadership Guide.

Organizations and meeting professionals can contact Mary to conduct the program Your Personal Strategic Plan as part of their business strategic planning for the year.

For the paperback version of The Five Minute Leadership Guide, visit Amazon here.

For the hardcover version, please visit our store here.

For bulk purchases, or to customize the Guide for your organization, please contact us at info@ProductiveLeaders.com

As always, Mary would love to hear how you are using the book and the workbook at Mary@ProductiveLeaders.com.

5-Minute Goals Setting Plan

5-Minute Productivity Plan

5-Minute Daily Productivity Plan

5-Minute Weekly Productivity Plan

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Your Personal Strategic Plan

Your Personal Strategic Plan - Mary Kelly

How to Create My Dream Business

Your Personal Strategic Plan - Mary Kelly

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