Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success

Thousands of leadership programs tell you how to be a great leader. Far fewer delve deeper into the surprisingly common mistakes supervisors, managers, and even CEOs unknowingly make that derail their team’s effectiveness and productivity. Using real scenarios and examples collected through their combined years of leadership and management expertise, Mary Kelly and Peter Stark examined data from over 100,000 employee surveys to pinpoint the 7 most common reasons some managers fail while others are so successful. Whether in your first year of management or your 30th, Why Leaders Fail shows participants hidden pitfalls and how to avoid them. The program also outlines specific actions that ensure success.  Based on the book of the same title, this content-rich, data-based program is also entertaining and full of actions that participants can use to further develop their leadership skills, outcomes, and organizational morale.

  • Gain insight into behaviors that may be sabotaging the loyalty of your direct reports.
  • Understand why your top talent may not be performing up to their potential.
  • Gain tools to help you align team goals with the organizational mission.
  • Gain awareness of how you are perceived by your direct reports, peers, and supervisors.
  • 49 actionable prescriptions for success.
  • Free access to a personalized leadership assessment to identify your leadership
    strengths and weaknesses.
Why Leaders Fail Book by Mary Kelly

FutureNomics for Associations – What Associations Need To Do to Be Invaluable in 2025

Mary is the bridge between economics and leadership.  She has several interactive leadership programs, and her keynotes are full of actionable takeaways.  

Her program, Futurenomics: An Economic Snapshot and What To Do Next, gives leaders and managers economic information in a fun and informative way, as well as leadership recommendations to improve productivity and profitability.  It is VERY different, and audiences love it.  

Mary’s programs are most popular with organizations and industries that value economic information that is presented in a useful and entertaining way, such as credit unions, banks, insurance companies, and medical practices. 

Master Your World: 10 Leadership Strategies to Improve Productivity, Profits, and Communication

Leadership is creating a vision as well as executing the strategy. Leadership is also why people, and companies, succeed or fail. Some people believe leadership is limited to the people at the top, but real leadership happens at all levels in every organization. True leaders strategically plan and implement long-term programs to take advantage of talent and increase morale throughout the organization.

Everyone benefits when leaders apply three core techniques and then refine them with seven critical applications. Engaging and immediately applicable, this inspirational program is packed with templates and tools so leaders can achieve optimal results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn what most employees are not getting from their leaders and managers that they need to be more effective.
  • Implement actionable items to create cohesive teamwork and better engage those around you.
  • Improve personal and professional productivity with less stress.
  • Discover how to best use your networks and relationships to further your influence and your business.
  • Find the keys to being happier and more productive at work (and at home) by applying the Master Your World techniques.
Master Your World Book by Mary Kelly


Getting people to work together is challenging. Office tension, competition, gossip, personal agendas and pettiness reduce morale and productivity.

How to Attract, Recruit, Mentor, Evolve and Develop the Next Generation of Leaders for corporations and associations. By 2020, millennials will be 50% of the American workforce. That number jumps to 75% by 2025. Is your organization attracting and keeping the talent you need to lead into the future? Do you have a succession plan for your senior people? Are you ready for the shifting workforce?

U.S. unemployment levels are at record lows. Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day. Thousands of human resource directors are struggling to fill the 6 million vacant job opportunities in the US as competitors race for employees. Once they are hired, how do you keep them? How can you ensure that your employees, both new hires, and your current team, are ready for upcoming roles and responsibilities?

In this highly interactive session, Mary discusses how to Attract talent by being attractive to current and prospective team members, how to Recruit the right people, how to Mentor and manage emerging employees, how to Evolve, structurally and culturally to stay relevant, and how to Develop the next tier of talent for future success.

Top Secret Leadership – Military Leadership You Need Now

Getting people to work together is challenging. Office tension, competition, gossip, personal agendas and pettiness reduce morale and productivity.

Do you ever wonder how the military recruits people from diverse environments and coalesces them into cooperative, fighting teams? Find out how you can use military approaches to enhance communication and teamwork, develop integration, and facilitate a positive work environment.

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Be more productive in less time
  • Work together to accomplish more
  • Communicate clearly among all levels
  • Set and exceed expectations
  • Conquer the obstacles that create barriers to effective teamwork.
  • Cross generational gaps and use the strengths of the people you work with

The military forges cohesive teams and leaders and you can too!

Leading the Future Workforce

Are your managers as effective as you want them to be? Even though many business schools teach management theory, actual application can be tough, especially for first-time managers. Attendees learn three key points and application processes that every manager should remember when dealing with projects, deadlines, bosses, and subordinates. Audience examples are used, and real issues are addressed in this highly interactive seminar. Highly recommended for customer service team leaders, managers, and as a team-building session.

Leading Change

Change is fun for some people but miserable for others. Personality type, job position, seniority, and past experiences all determine how different people react to the idea of changing the way they conduct business. Understanding how people will react and addressing their concerns in advance of implementation can determine the success or failure of the new process.

Change management is a critical part of any organization that leads, manages, or enables people to accept and embraces new processes, technologies, systems, structures, and values. This fun and interactive experience explore how health care professionals can maximize new opportunities and help others understand the change process.

The intent of effective change management is to:

– Address the concerns and barriers of the people who will need to adopt the new methods.
– Address the concerns and trepidation of the supporting roles.
– Overcome the uncertainty obstacles that impede necessary change to achieve greater effectiveness.
– Ensure that everyone in the organization is ready, willing, and able to perform their role in the new environment.
– Outcome: Through an entertaining and interactive session focusing on leadership at all levels, increasing productivity, and how to enact change, participants will understand why the program is being implemented, how it is going to benefit them, and why adapting to the new system is in their best self-interest. We overcome ambiguities, barriers, resistance, and reluctance to change behavior and methodologies.

Leading Business Growth

You are wonderful with clients, you understand what you need to do to stay current in your field, and you have a great staff, but running a business is tough. Working in the financial profession today involves all kinds of other tasks as well. In this fast-paced, dynamic, and fun session, Mary incorporates workable solutions for today’s tough business problems. Learn how to maximize your time and resources for greater productivity and profits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to put together a dynamite, well-organized business plan that defines your business strategy with Mary’s easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank templates.
  • Discover how to use your business relationships to further your business with a structured referral system.
  • Be able to track the strengths and weaknesses of your teams to best assign tasks, align goals, and achieve optimal outcomes.
  • Implement actionable items to create cohesive teamwork, improve personal and professional productivity, and better engage those around you using a daily tracking tool.
  • And 11 other actions that grow your business.
Fifteen Ways Book by Mary Kelly

360° of Leadership – Steering Around the Icebergs

Navigating the World of Leadership

Great leadership is an upside down pyramid. You as the leader are there to support the people working for you. Great leaders build effective teams and remind managers and leaders to communicate, develop employees, listen, and strategize for optimal results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What to consider as you assume a new role with new responsibilities
  • How to communicate effectively with your diverse workforce
    What most employees wish their leaders knew
  • Ways to use the strengths of your workplace demographics
  • How to motivate employees even without a budget

The military asks employees to sleep at work. You probably don’t expect your people to work for several weeks without a day off. Learn the secrets of leadership and motivation from a 21-year Navy veteran who lead multi-cultural teams all over the world in this thought-provoking, action-packed session.  Designed for teambuilding, experienced managers, and senior management.

360 Degrees of Leadership Book

Leading Communication: Stop the Barking

Lack of communication is a common employee frustration. Communication is how we get things accomplished, and miscommunication is the number one way that we screw things up. Are your employees telling you what is really going on? Would your employees tell their friends that you are a great boss and communicator? Are you and your organization wasting time with poor communications? Can you afford to?

This energetic seminar increases communication effectiveness within the workplace (and it works at home too). Topics include how to get what you want through three proven communication practices, maximizing email responsiveness, enthusiastic personal interactions, and written effectiveness.

Most of us believe we are good communicators. (Most of us also believe we are above-average drivers.) Regardless of how good we think we are with communication, it is helpful to review our approaches and constantly work to improve. Different People need different methods of communication. Ultimately, communication is how we get things done, so let’s try to be good at it.

Stop the Barking Book by Mary Kelly

Leading Profitability in the New Economy

The economic and political landscape is rapidly changing in the US as well in Europe and Asia. Socio-political events are impacting the financial markets as never before. What do you need to know? How is the economy going to impact your business?

– Understanding the economic issues that make headlines is critical to making good decisions. What happens now will impact markets for the next 5 years. What trends should we watch and where should we look for more information?
– Learn what you need to track to protect and guide your business and your clients in this volatile environment.
– Participants receive a global status update on what is going well and where we should be concerned. We’ll tour the European crisis and discover what Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal needs to do to survive before heading to Asia to explore their issues and the
forces that drive their economic decisions.

Mary provides an engaging and interesting economic update on the latest trends and forecasts. Specifically, she will review US spending and budget issues, tax changes, and legislative actions that impact advisers and business owners.

Bonus topics include banking changes, likely regulatory responses, and how technology can help us communicate with and protect our clients.


Lack of Recognition


Internal Politics


Lack of Empowerment


Don't like their Boss

2 million Americans voluntarily
leave their jobs every month.

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