I booked Mary Kelly, for our Asia Professional Speakers convention 2015 in Singapore. As a leadership author and speaker myself, I have very high standards and little tolerance for vacuous feel good statements. Mary Kelly delivered above and beyond expectations; her rapid fire insights with pragmatic and practical take-aways confirmed that I made the right decision. Smart and funny with an ability to connect with diverse audience makes Commander Kelly the intelligent choice for your next conference.

Andrew Bryant, CSP

Motivational Speaker

May Kelly Coaching

Who Needs Coaching?  EVERYONE!

  • Every Olympic athlete gets coaching
  • Everyone on a sports team gets coaching
  • Coaching is how we improve
  • Coaching gives us alternate perspectives and new approaches
  • Coaching helps us get better faster

Mary creates the type of dynamics you need for your business, association, or government agency.

Coaching is face-to-face, via phone or using Skype or Zoom.


Mary provides customized plans designed to help executive leaders to renew their confidence, build strong relationships in their organizations, and lead their teams to success. Inside every winning organization, there is a high-performing executive team. We focus on developing action plans and creating accountability systems to maximize the potential of an organization’s leadership to influence and impact change within the company.


Mary deals with the serious challenges in creating high-functioning teams within an organization. Communication and conflict are two of the main topics that challenge leaders today. Whether your office workers are on-site or working virtually from many locations, Mary helps leaders develop skills and maintain high-quality, trusting relationships.


  • Improve great leaders and increase team performance
  • Develop a compelling, positive vision and team purpose
  • Clarify operating principles, goals, roles, expectations, and milestones
  • Establish communication channels with clear boundaries
  • Implement training to deal with difficult or challenging employees
  • Build executive and team leader coaching strategies

“Published in 100’s of Newspapers and Journals Worldwide.”

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