flatscreentvHow to lose your customers

Imagine that you are a hair salon that caters to men. Your salon is beautifully appointed with masculine art, and chairs comfortable for your male clientele. You offer fast haircuts with hot towels and head massages. You install 6 TVs, ideally to show sports shows. This is a great idea. 

It is Sunday morning. You set all of the channels to ESPN. ESPN is showing softball. Customer walks in, and asks if you can please change one of the six TVs to the NASCAR race or the baseball. You decline because “It is the manager’s policy to keep all of the TVs on the same channel.” 

Customer, rightfully, walks out. 

Aren’t you glad you spent all of that money on your salon, staff, and marketing? 

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Mary C. Kelly
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719-357-7360 (office)
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4823 Ridgeside
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