Sending You My Gratitude with Gifts to You and Your Favorite Charity This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for gratitude and we want to say thank you and give you gifts!

I am extremely grateful for you, reading this right now. So here are some of the most popular 5-Minute Plans from the 5-Minute series for you to make the holiday season and 2017 new year planning easier:

  • The 5-Minute Social Media Plan
  • The 5-Minute Business Plan
  • The 5-Minute Employee Engagement Plan
  • The 5-Minute Career Plan
  • The 5-Minute Vision Plan
  • And other helpful templates

Download them here.

Great leaders and managers work hard every day to improve. The Leadership Development Self-Assessment evaluates your current leadership level. This was designed to help leaders and managers at all levels become more effective by increasing self-awareness and self-understanding. The results are emailed ONLY to you and they include a benchmark comparison with metrics to identify leadership effectiveness and areas for improvement. This is also a gift and it is here.

I am giving books as gifts this year for Christmas. I tend to read more nonfiction than fiction, so that list is shorter. Some of the books I am buying for others, in no particular order include:

Syren’s Song and The Aden Effect by Claude Berube (I know him from my Navy days – really cool action mysteries with nautical overtones!)
Louisiana Longshot by Jana DeLeon (I don’t know Jana, but the books are fun and funny.)
The Space Between and The Twelfth of Never by Cindy Chamberlain (Cindy and I went to school together. She develops rich characters with great writing.)

Winning Well By David Dye and Karin Hurt*
High Profit Prospecting By Mark Hunter*
Engage With Honor By Colonel Lee Ellis, USAF (ret)*
Find Your Voice as a Leader by Paul Larsen*

*PS I know all of these authors and love them all.  I have other friends who had books come out this year and I love those too, but these are the ones I am buying in lots of 10 to give away.  If you have other books you are gifting, please include it in the comments!

By the way, Paul is doing an amazing promotion for the charity Together We Can Change the World. He is raising $3,000 for orphanages in Thailand. If you buy the $9.99 Kindle, he is donating $50. If you buy his softcover book for $14.99 he is donating $100. Together We Can Change the World funds orphanages, schools, and clean water wells in Southeast Asia. This is a huge money multiplier! And the book is GREAT!

We at Productive Leaders are giving away $500! We want to donate to your favorite charity. Please list your favorite cause in the comment section below and give us ONE sentence why it is near and dear to you. We want to promote terrific organizations that are doing terrific work to help others. On December 23, the Productive Leaders team will select charities based on what YOU say, and they will receive a donation!

I also want to shout out my gratitude to Peter Stark, my brilliant co-author of Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success and his team who worked on this book project these past few years: Marielle, Dusty, and Marilyn.

I also want to shout out the people who make my team fantastic: Mika, Robyn, Brynn, Matt and Lori.

Have a wonderful holiday season! What are you grateful for today?

Comment below!


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