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How to save money, be green, and have your customers buy-in too!

Dried Starfish on a TowelThe Sheraton Resort in Steamboat Springs, CO got it right. When you check in they give you the song and dance about how nice it is for you to re-use your towels. What many hotel guests are thinking is “Hey, I paid for this room so that someone else WOULD clean it for me. Why would I NOT want housecleaning services?”

The Sheraton Steamboat gives their guests a reason to go green. If you accept their offer to decline housekeeping services, you get a coupon for a free drink at the bar that day.

The hotel saves on laundry, labor, and time, all for the much lower price of what it costs them to pour you a drink, and everyone gets to be “green” in the process. Genius.

The percentage of people who utilize the no-housekeeping option is apparently fairly high, and not everyone even uses the drink coupon. More genius.

Kudos to the Sheraton at Steamboat Springs for making saving resources an option that provides an incentive to their guests.


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