Generate Ideas. Focus on Solutions. Be Productive.

by Mary C. Kelly, PhD


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If you are like me, you might find it difficult to balance all of the ideas bouncing around in your head with being able to focus on what is most important, what needs your time and attention, and what deserves valuable resources. 

Like you, I love thinking about new projects, but then it is challenging to narrow it down into what I really want to do, what is best for my business, and what I should spend my time doing.

I’m not the only one who is trying to balance creativity with focus and productivity. This struggle led me to write a book focused on helping entrepreneurs and leaders to make the most of their ideas, focus on the big picture and accomplish goals. 

This ebook is carved into short chapters that you can tackle in just a few minutes every day or share with your team in a weekly meeting. 


You’ll learn to:

  • Allow your creativity to flourish
  • Create a workspace that helps you to focus
  • Be OK with the messy creative process
  • Take advantage of creative moments that get in the way of your regular schedule


My two favorite chapters tackle how to avoid temptation and managing overwhelm of all those amazing ideas! Allow me to help you to focus, make the most of your time and help your team to do the same. 




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