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Book Review:
Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think and Act Like a Leader
by Dianna Booher

personalpresenceDianna has sold over 4 million books for a reason. This book actually hurt.

As I read Creating Personal Presence, I cringed because I discovered things I am doing wrong. For example, I assume when someone wonders aloud, “Why are gas prices so high?” that they truly want an historical and economic explanation.

Dianna points out that being professional and professorial are two completely different interpretations. (This is hard for a professor to hear!) Dianna discusses better ways for us to communicate, how we present ourselves, either unconsciously (or for most people) or consciously, and how we are perceived.

One of her terrific chapters highlights, “Your voice follows your body—not the reverse” and it gave me insight on why so people are terrified of speaking in front of crowds.

Dianna is a genius. This is a great book for people who rely on networking, sales teams,  managers, and executives who need to project confidence and credibility.


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