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Who Needs Coaching?  EVERYONE!

  • Every Olympic athlete gets coaching
  • Everyone on a sports team gets coaching
  • Coaching is how we improve
  • Coaching gives us alternate perspectives and new approaches
  • Coaching helps us get better faster

Mary creates the type of dynamics you need for your business, association, or government agency.

Coaching is face-to-face, via phone or using Skype or Zoom.


Talented C-level teams benefit from having confidential strategy sessions with Mary.  Mary’s corporate advising can be either team-based, individual, or as part of a strategic retreat.

Unlike a consulting role, Mary is your team’s adviser on everything from growth strategies and process improvements to leadership development.

Mary’s holistic approach maximizes time, energy, and resources. She quickly discovers areas where leaders and teams can work better together, decrease costs from miscommunication, and significantly improve collaboration.


In these individual sessions, executives find it helpful to talk with someone who really understands their business.  Mary helps leaders make the right decisions regarding personnel, roles and responsibilities, future product development, customer service, and business development.  Many senior leaders call or meet with Mary to discuss ideas, formulate solutions, and brainstorm on ways to solve current and future problems.

Mary advises organizations who are looking for more than just a consulting relationship.  Mary’s adviser clients tend to be in industries that work with numbers, such as credit unions, banks, financial planners, insurance, medical organizations, landscaping, and real estate.


Did you know that by 2025, millennials will be 75% of America’s workforce? Is your organization ready?  Mary’s program on succession planning helps organizations implement a succession plan that starts when executives have to leave for emergency reasons or for planned retirement.
No one stays in a job forever, and we have to be ready when the time comes.

Mary’s succession planning program is a year-long development program that puts the plan together and appropriately trains the right people to take over when the time is right.


  • Improve great leaders and increase team performance
  • Develop a compelling, positive vision and team purpose
  • Clarify operating principles, goals, roles, expectations, and milestones
  • Establish communication channels with clear boundaries
  • Implement training to deal with difficult or challenging employees
  • Build executive and team leader coaching strategies

“Leading a team, regardless of setting, is difficult and Mary helps provides those leaders with additional tools to carry in their tool belts! After all, not all problems/situations are “nails” requiring a hammer! I would highly recommend that Mary become part of your arsenal of tools!”

Drew Brassfield


Mary C. Kelly
Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret.

719-357-7360 (office)
443-995-8663 (cell)

4823 Ridgeside
Dallas, TX 75244

"Top Keynote Speakers of 2020"


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