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How To Attract and Recruit Top Talent

How To Attract and Recruit Top Talent

Workshops Online Courses Articles In the News Social Media Free Stuff Meeting Pros Media Reps How To Attract and Recruit Top TalentI have a program for corporations and associations called A.R.M.E.D. – How to Attract, Recruit, Mentor, Evolve, and Develop the Next...

3 Day Weekend and Man Food

It is a 3 day weekend, and in most areas, it is too cold to BBQ.   It reminds me of Man Food Casserole, which I learned from an early boyfriend, and have yet to find a man who doesn’t like it.  Warning:  Not the healthiest meal on the planet, but pretty tasty,...

10,000 Lakes But No Fishing

The shut down of the state of Minnesota on the Fourth of July is a communications and a leadership failure. While I agree that disputes over raising taxes is serious and is worthy of critical discussions, shutting down national and local parks, libraries, and rest...
The (unfortunately) “Real Boss”

The (unfortunately) “Real Boss”

The (unfortunately) “Real Boss” — Here’s what they’re really like Nobody out there has a feedback-giving, employee-nurturing, free-praise-bestowing supervisor by Mary Kelly Do you know what your employees say about you? Are you sure? Do you want to know? I recently...


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