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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas What can we do to help our clients and ourselves during December?  Can we enjoy the holidays and prepare for the New Year at the same time?  Yes.  Here are a few suggestions: 12 Months to plan.  Get your calendars, both paper, electronic, and...

Be thankful and profitable

Be thankful and profitableIf you are in business, you have reason to be thankful. Yes, there are uncertainties regarding taxes, regulations and healthcare (small business top three concerns), but you are still in business and hopefully, you have products and services...

How to be rude without even trying

How to be rude without even tryingI initiated a recent conversation with a young person, let’s call it training, when he left his car at the gas pump while he went inside not to pay for gas, but to just pick up some Twinkies, beef jerky and beer. My helpful...

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