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Are you a leader who can be coached?

Are you a leader who can be coached?

Workshops Online Courses Articles In the News Social Media Free Stuff Meeting Pros Media Reps Are you a leader who can be coached? Second Lieutenant David Higgins, USMC, one of my former students, competed in the summer 2016 Olympics in Brazil. One of the key traits...

Winning Your Gold Medal

Winning Your Gold MedalAs we watch the amazing feats of athleticism performed by thousands of dedicated Olympic athletes from all over the world, I wonder how many people devote Olympian time, energy, discipline, and focus to their passions, their dreams, or their...


AccountabilityHave you ever been a coach? For a sports team? A team at work? A friend? Currently, I coach the Air Force Academy collegiate equestrian team, in addition to my business and executive coaching roles. There are many similarities with being a sports coach...

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