21 for 2021

2021 is about big ideas, big projects, and big plans.

Here are 21 points on what businesses can expect, what organizations need to embrace, and what business leaders need to do moving forward.

2021 is a year for action, activity, and movement.


  1.  Continued acceleration of change
  2. Locally sourcing resources
  3. Serving a global customer base
  4. Social issues impacting business issues
  5. Increased online delivery options
  6. Services are a big part of the next wave of globalization
  7. Return to focus on revenues and profits


  1. Remote work is here to stay
  2. Technology is moving faster than ever, so use it to your advantage
  3. Customer service needs to be individualized, more focused on the customer, and better overall
  4. Diversity of thought
  5. Team-based decisions to provide more perspectives for better outcomes
  6. Hiring talent for potential, instead of an educational background
  7. Marketing that tells a story and engages the buyer


  1. Think about resource allocation as though they are the owners of the company
  2. Show compassion to employees while holding them accountable
  3. Turn uncertainty into action by breaking up large tasks into manageable chunks for their direct reports
  4. Streamline internal processes
  5. Adapt rapidly to the changing needs of their customer demographics
  6. Simplify the buying process for customers and clients
  7. Focus on developing future products and services that enhance the lives of customers and clients
Leadership Guide

After years of robust economic growth, 2020 shone a spotlight on many businesses. That spotlight made the cracks in foundations painfully visible.

Status quo is no longer good enough.

Businesses and organizations that will survive are those that adapt, overcome, and improvise.

Here is a shareable PDF with these points to discuss with your team.

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