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The Importance of Business Coaching in Your Success

One of my friends, Arlene, is an enthusiastic and driven real estate agent who has been in the industry for several years. Despite her dedication, she is facing numerous challenges that are hindering her success.

Her client base is shrinking, real estate inventory is low, sellers do not want to sell if it means a new mortgage at a higher rate, and buyers are more reluctant to buy. Arlene struggled with inconsistent income, and her marketing efforts were not yielding the desired results. Frustrated and on the brink of giving up, Arlene asked for help.

We started by figuring out her main challenges.

  1. Ineffective Marketing – Arlene was investing considerable time and money in various marketing strategies, but she was not attracting enough quality leads.
  2. Lack of Structure – Her days lacked structure, leading to inefficiencies, and wasted time. This is the biggest issue. Not knowing what was working and what was not, she was wasting 80% of her time at work.
  3. Limited Client Retention – Arlene was not turning one-time clients into repeat customers or referrals.
  4. Self-Doubt – Continuous setbacks eroded her self-confidence, affecting her ability to negotiate and close deals.

Then we brainstormed on solutions.

Arlene recognized that she needed to change to turn things around. She finally decided that despite her experience, she needed help.

We started by focusing on these five key areas.

  1. Assessment and Goal Setting – We evaluated her current strategies and identified areas for improvement, then we mapped out her strategic plan, including her monthly goals for the next 3 months.
  2. Marketing Strategy – We completely revamped her marketing approach. We realized that her marketing materials were looking and sounding like everyone else’s. She was just another real estate agent with no differentiation. We identified her target market, refined her branding, and implemented a digital marketing strategy that aligned with her strengths.
  3. Time Management – I got firm about how Arlene was going to spend her time for one solid week. We created a plan for every day that focused on both time and energy management techniques that allowed her to structure her days effectively, prioritize tasks, and allocate time for lead generation, client meetings, and personal development.
  4. Client Relationship Building – We then overhauled how she was managing her clients’ relationships. I interviewed ten of her clients, who shared that they had not heard from Arlene on a regular basis, and some were even surprised that she was still in real estate. We created a personalized approach to client relationships that focused on providing valuable information, great insights, and exceptional service.
  5. Mindset – Then we had to rebuild some self-confidence. Her self-doubt and fears were seeping into her conversations with clients and potential clients, which led to doubts about her abilities. Confidence comes from doing. Once Arlene started taking the right action, she started to see tangible results, and her confidence is returning.

The impact of the business coaching was transformative for Arlene.
With a refined marketing strategy, Arlene saw a significant increase in quality leads and inquiries. By adopting effective time management techniques, Arlene maximized her productivity, allowing her to achieve more in less time. Arlene’s personalized approach led to higher client satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and referrals. Arlene’s newfound self-confidence positively influenced her negotiations and interactions with clients, helping her close deals more effectively.

Arlene’s decision to save her business led her into a coaching situation. She was finally desperate enough to make the needed changes. While I was personally delighted to help my friend, I was wishing that she had not lost 2 years of viable business because she was stuck.

Everyone gets stuck. It is what we do when we are stuck that determines the success or failure of our business.



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