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14 Way You Can Enhance Your Company’s Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a key role in job satisfaction, morale, and security.
Everyone contributes to corporate culture, whether you are a senior manager or a summer intern.

Regardless of position or authority, everyone in the workplace wants to be valued, respected, and important. Everyone can help create the corporate culture that makes employees love coming to work.

Individual Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Organization’s Workplace Environment:

1. Continue learning. Invest in education and training. Developing your knowledge and skills broadens your opportunities at your current company and in future positions. You will be a stronger member of any team.

2. Think long-term. Keep your goals in mind. Evaluate how your actions affect your company’s future. Going the extra mile to satisfy a client could lead to repeat business, glowing reviews, and valuable referrals.

3. Take risks. Reward yourself for being innovative, even if some of your efforts fail. If you are persistent, you are bound to produce some breakthrough ideas. Maybe you will find a new vendor who can save your company money. Explore new markets. Find new customers.

4. Ask questions. Asking for information and advice is a sign of confidence. You will do your job better and show your colleagues you appreciate their experience and expertise.

5. Refresh your surroundings. Culture involves both internal and external factors. Clearing the clutter off your desk could enhance your peace of mind. Change your desk or your space to give yourself a new perspective.

Steps to Take with Co-workers:

1. Be a consensus builder. Think about all the stakeholders who are affected by your work. Request feedback and input. Involve others when you are making important decisions. They will be more likely to support projects that they helped to develop.

2. Socialize more. Becoming more familiar with your colleagues outside of work can deepen your relationships. Participate in office picnics and happy hours. Join the softball league and invite your co-workers out to dinner.

3. Welcome new hires. Reach out to new employees. Sharing why you love the company, and its mission and vision may reinforce your own beliefs and actions.

4. Praise efforts. Be generous in acknowledging the talents and achievements of your colleagues. Congratulate a colleague who recently published a paper in a prestigious journal. Let the office manager know that you appreciate the way he reorganized the supply cabinet. Thank the security staff for remaining cheerful through long shifts.

5. Share credit. Recognize teamwork. Thank others individually and publicly for how they contribute to group victories. Throw a party or write individual notes expressing your gratitude.

6. Communicate clearly. Be known as someone who speaks directly and respectfully. Thank your coworkers for sharing their viewpoints.

7. Resolve conflicts amicably. Disagreements are unavoidable. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and apologize when needed. Be courteous, even when you find yourself on the opposing side of an issue.

8. Focus on other people’s superpowers. Pay attention to the things you and your co-workers do well. Everyone’s strengths are important to the success of the company’s culture and growth.

9. Give back to your community. Your company’s philanthropy and community programs say a lot about the corporate culture. Take part in initiatives you care about, such as holiday food drives or volunteer outings. Suggest innovative programs that are appropriate for your company’s mission.

You will find your work more meaningful and gratifying when your employer’s corporate culture aligns with your own values. Whatever your job title, you can have a positive influence on the practices in your workplace.



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