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Make the buying process easy for the people doing the buying.

“I do not want personalized attention! I want it now.”

This past Saturday I was putting together some fun packages for some of my clients. Sometimes I will send one of my books or workbooks, or a video clip they can use for training.

Sometimes I send small gifts that I use as giveaways for participation in my programs. These do not have my name on them.  They usually have

something to do with one of my dogs or wine, since all of my books have their own wine label.

This past weekend I was looking for some new swag, and was surprised to receive a form to fill out detailing the process.  The next step was “a customer service representative will send you a personalized quote” because “we pride ourselves on a personalized experience.”

I do not want a personalized quote. I do not want a simple purchase to be a personalized experience. I want a computer or a chatbot to send me a quote. 

I don’t want a relationship. That is what friends are for. I want to place an order and I want to do it now.

Monday at 3:30 my time, the personalized quote came through.

I sent a polite note back. “Thanks, I placed an order for a similar product on Saturday.”

They violated the cardinal rule in sales.

“Make the buying process easy for the people doing the buying.”

Once the buyer makes the decision to make the purchase, stop the selling and complete the sale.

  1. Is your buying process easy?
  2. Are you making it harder than it needs to be for your customers?

Breaking it down even further:

  1. Is your website easy to navigate?
  2. Do your links work all the time?
  3. Does your website work on mobile devices?
  4. Have you checked recently?

I work with a few executives from some airlines and one of my challenges is “buying a ticket on your own airline.”

  1. Is it a painless process?
  2. Does it take multiple attempts?
  3. What is getting in the way of the purchase?

Stop leaving money on the table.

Make the buying process easy for the people doing the buying.






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