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3 Ways Young Professionals are Making Meaningful Connections Online

It’s a unique time with unique challenges. The pandemic has forced many businesses to transition to working from home and it seems to be getting harder and harder to network. So, how are younger professionals supposed to network or find mentors when they are working remotely?

Here are some ways you could network from home to help you get promoted or secure a mentorship to take your skills to the next level.


LinkedIn is a wonderful networking tool and if you don’t already have a profile, you should. There are groups of like-minded professionals who could let you in on new opportunities. You can also see a group, job posting, or event and see what connections you have to the event. It’s also a really great way to find a mentorship.

For example, maybe someone who graduated from the same school as you works at your dream company. Or, an old boss just hired on at an organization you admire. These kinds of connections are invaluable in a professional environment and remote work doesn’t have to take that away.

Just make sure to keep your profile up to date and presentable because you never know who will come across it and you always want to make a good impression. Update your resume, clean up your profile, take a nice picture, and you’re ready to network.


Make the effort to turn phone calls into Zoom meetings.  Zoom meetings can be a better way to network for and can be seen as a new way to “virtual cowork”. Host a meeting and invite anyone from your job to join.

You’d be surprised how many new faces you’ll see and how easy it is to network. It’s also a great way for people to get used to seeing your face, which is really important when others are forming an idea about you. When people have a name and a face, instead of just a name, they are going to have an easier time remembering you and what you do.

Take this opportunity to meet your whole team if you haven’t already and try to establish an open line of communication. Many people still aren’t used to remote work and the extra steps it requires to network. Making the effort can quickly change that and it could also help you reach goals and get promoted.

Social Media

This is exactly why social media exists in the first place – to keep in touch. It’s not just about cat videos and wasting time, it’s also about networking. Facebook can be a valuable resource for finding like-minded professionals who could offer insight you can’t find anywhere else.

Join a Facebook group. You’ll be able to find groups that offer valuable information on better ways to network, such as Zoom webinars, virtual job fairs, and remote events. There are many opportunities to help you find professionals who are willing to take on a mentorship or provide guidance.

Make the Extra Effort

The main difference between in-person networking and remote networking, is that you need to put in the extra effort to make it happen. Follow these tips on remote networking and you’ll find the connections you need or, if you’re lucky, a mentorship to help you get to where you need to be.


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