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Sanity Saving Tech Tools


I was recently interviewed about some of the tech tools I use all of the time for work, and how I use them. I use a lot of tools, but these were my top four. 



You’ve probably heard of Zoom! It’s a very popular video conference tool. I use the pro version with recording feature. When talking with a client, I don’t want to be taking notes and looking down when I should be looking them in the eye, or at the camera. So I use the recording feature, and then I get the text transcript of the Zoom recording. I clean this up and that becomes the basis for our accountability.


Slack is a project management resource. The trick? Slack only works if everyone checks in on a regular basis, and uses it. So about once every other day I throw in some kind of fun gift card or free tool or a link to a free ebook. People then feel as though it is advantageous to continue to check in.

Book Like a Boss

I left another online scheduler to go to this platform.  Book like a Boss looks more professional, allows for more functionality, and integrates better with a series of other tools. When people click on my scheduling link, it takes them to a landing page so they know they have the right person, and then it automatically schedules the Zoom meeting and sends everyone the Zoom link, plus reminders.

Check it out at BookMe.Name/MaryKelly. It also allows professionals to offer custom meetings or services, such as the hugely discounted 4-pack of coaching calls I’m offering this month. 


The best email management tool? I love Sanebox. I sort my family and clients in the Inbox, then I have SaneLater, for emails I need to get to, but are not critical right now, and then I use Sane Newsletters for newsletters I want to read maybe over a glass of wine later. Try it out with a coupon here



I also found a fantastic list of 50 different types of remote working tools, for different sizes of businesses, to help them get through some of the working from alternate locations challenge. They allowed me to link to their page and I know you’ll find some gems here.

Do you have a tech tool you can’t live without? Something that’s made a difference for your team while working remotely? Please share below.



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