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A Few Business Apps That Save Time and Decrease Stress

We are busy! We have contacts to manage, meetings to attend, projects to finish, and expenses to track. Leaders and managers often struggle to keep up with all of the requirements on their time.

Some of these apps might help:

1. Asana – manage projects

Asana has been around for a while and it remains a workhorse for project management. Asana is an app that helps you become more productive. With a great way to organize tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards, Asana also lets you manage and track the progress of employees, projects, and more. Asana also facilitates easy to communication with colleagues and teammates – you can brainstorm and directly discuss a particular project. As a bonus, many of Asana’s features are free.

2. Headspace – a meditation game

Some of my friends don’t know that I taught yoga for years, and yet I still have a tough time getting all of the To-Do tasks out of my head for that meditation time. Headspace is a great tool. Headspace is one of the more effective meditation methods, for both beginners and experts. The creator of Headspace is an ordained Buddhist Monk and mindfulness expert, and he made Headspace gamified, so as you meditate you move through different levels and feel a sense of accomplishment. Plus, the guided meditations are easy and enjoyable.

3. Hours Keeper – track work and projects

Do you sometimes wonder where your time goes, or how much time you and your team spend on a client’s project? Hours Keeper simplifies the process by arranging the time you spend on multiple clients, allowing you to sort your hours by pay period, and create invoices in seconds with its free PDF template. You can enter your time manually or use the clock-in/clock-out function that acts as a running timer, which helps you stay focused and make the most of your time.

4. Wаvе

Wave helps you create and send professional invoices, estimates, and receipts quickly. It can kеер businesses organized by tracking income and expenses fairly easily, with receipt-scanning tools and connections to financial institutions. It includes a suite of online small-business software products, including direct bank-data imports, invoicing and expense tracking, customizable charts of accounts and journal transactions.

5. Mіnutе

We’ve all been to meetings that get side-tracked and waste time. Effective leaders know they have to run effective meetings. Minute is a cool way to sync calendars and create agendas for meetings. You can share the agenda easily with multiple people on any device or computer. You can take notes and capture action items from the meetings directly in the app, then send the minutes to everyone within the app. There’s a real-time collaboration functionality, too.

6. Zoom

I use Zoom for conference calls, hosting webinars, for teleseminars, and for delivering virtual presentation. Zoom has great HD-quality video. There is also a breakout room functionality, which is great for team use. When you screen share for presentations or use the whiteboard, they can also see a thumbnail of you and you can see your participants. There is a chat window, and the paid version has a recording function.

Tech tools should make our lives easier. We can accomplish mоrе, increase productivity, and connect more deeply with our team. Twenty-first-century leaders use technology not to be distracted, but to be more effective. The expert on all things app related is Beth Ziesenis, aka, and I highly recommend her newsletter to stay up to date on apps that make life easier.

Which apps do you love? Please share in the comment section below!

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