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Dating or Following Up?

You’d think we’d be over that teenage, awkward stage.

“Does he like me?”
“Why doesn’t he call?”
“He said he’d call. It’s been weeks.”
“Maybe I should call him.”
“He doesn’t like me.”
“There is someone else.”
“Should I text?”
“Maybe I’ll send an email. Emailing is safe.”
“That’s it. Just a friendly email.”

Sometimes following up with the client feels like dating when we were teenagers. You don’t want to be pushy, but you also don’t want to drop the ball. Also, you worry about rejection.

How much contact is enough? How much contact is too much? We know we have to stay top of mind, and we understand people are busy. But we also don’t want to approach the level where we are perceived as stalkers.


  1. Stay in regular contact with clients.
  2. Use different mediums. Alternate between calling, emailing, writing notes, sending postcards, and forwarding helpful articles.
  3. Make communication personal. No one likes form letters, and no one likes to be sold. Communication should be all about them and their needs.
  4. Provide consistent information. My financial planner always sends me information every quarter. I know that it’s coming, and I look forward to the email. It is informative, educational, and helpful. Do I respond back to her every time? No. But I think of her every time I get that package. She is staying top of mind with me, and is providing value.
  5. Consider your audience when initiating communication. Some audiences welcome emails, and will respond better then a phone call.


  1. Believe that an auto responder telling people that you are out of the office suffices for a response to their email. It does not.
  2. Abuse someone’s email account with repeated form-letter emails, or you will wind up being relegated to their spam folder forever.
  3. Text clients or customers unless you have their permission to do so. Not everyone has unlimited data, and if they have to pay to receive your advertisements or other marketing that could be perceived as spam, you will quickly alienate your audience.

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How do you want people to respond to you?

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