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Tournament playoff bracket with one line filled in and one being erased

My March Madness bracket is in 2nd place out of 46 submissions. Because of the point structure, I will finish in at least 2nd place regardless of what happens in the final game.

I know comparatively little about college basketball, yet this will be my second winning bracket. 

Why? When everyone else takes the safe bets on the top seeds, I bet on underdogs. 

I also got really lucky. 

Part of my bracketology is to find the teams that others don’t value and take risks. I cannot win if I go along with everyone else who is picking the top seeds.

In business, we prosper when we find and reward and talent. We also succeed in business strategy by taking risks that support the ideas that talent brings.

For the record, I took Kentucky. A group of young players with talent, drive, and heart.

Please tell me what you are doing in your business! Please leave a comment. 


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  1. Rik Roberts

    Mary – great post. KY was a long shot having lost 10 games in regular season. But, the drive and focus came together at the right time. 7 freshmen and a couple of upperclassmen now value team work and are seeing the results. We could all learn from them. GO CATS!!!


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