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In Case of Emergency - Book - Mary Kelly

Prepare Your Family for the New Year

Special, heart felt gratitude and many thanks to my friend, Jean. Jean was in the In Case of Emergency, Break Glass! program about a year ago, which focuses on getting important paperwork organized and updated. We talked about wills, trusts, letters of instruction, health care directives, powers of attorney, individual care forms and specialized care forms, as well as the documents your friends and family need when something tragic happens.

Talking with Jean made my day! Jean called me because she has been working through the In Case of Emergency Manual and she wants to get her whole family organized. Yay Jean!

I was happy to share that the ICOE checklist, the Senior Care forms, Child Care forms, Dog and Cat Care forms, and the password list are FREE downloads on the website located at The streamlined manual, the tabbed manual, and the expanded manual, as well as the CDs and the DVDs are located at

If you are not sure which system you and your family need, PLEASE call me at 719-357-7360 and I will help you figure out what best works for you so you can accomplish this important job.

My goal is to get 10,000 families organized in 2014. Not sure if you need help? Download the free checklist at or take the 60 second interactive quiz at to find out.

P.S. Interested in having me come to your organization, corporation, church, PTA, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, or Senior Group on how to take control of your life’s documents? I’d love it! I have availabilities in February and May so please call!

If you refer me to an organization, I’ll mail you the 2 CD set as a thank you!


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