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What are you going to plan to do while you are furloughed?

 A list of non-business suggestions. Please feel free to add in yours.

  1. Make a doctors appointment
  2. Use those Groupon and Living Social vouchers
  3. Do 2012 taxes
  4. Clean the house
  5. Purge my closet and take bags to Goodwill and Salvation Army
  6. Take my new puppy to puppy training class
  7. Migrate iGoogle (Mary’s note: it goes away when November)
  8. Catch on the book reviews I need to do on Amazon
  9. Catch up on all my phone calls to my friends
  10. Make lunch date with friends
  11. Go to the gym
  12. Send my nephew his birthday present for his September birthday
  13. Buy Christmas cards
  14. Start my Christmas letter with “ I am writing this in October since I’m furloughed…”
  15. Sleep


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