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Quick strategy session for a Solo-Preneur

Had a meeting today with a solopreneur and he asked for a few reminders on what he should be doing to promote his business.

We made a short list, starting with some fairly easy social media to some outbound marketing.

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile, especially on the portion of page that shows up when people click on your profile. Make your contact information easy to find by including it in the summary so people can call or email you easily.
  2. Add keywords to your website based on Google Adwords. Here is a terrific article on how to use Google Adwords:
  3. Add a blog to your website to keep it fresh. Yes, we all know that. Blog on your area of expertise, or at least, include words in your blog that will help with SEO, such as motivational leadership speaking, economics, business consulting, and profit improvement.
  4. Not sure if you have enough blog ideas? Cross blog. Use someone else’s articles as guest blogs. I told hime to use my articles. Yes, it helps him. Yes, it helps me. Win-Win!
  5. Brainstorm on a list of 20 clients who can use your services. Call them to discuss their issues. Yes, call. Pick up the phone. Make contact, show you care, and make sure that the solutions you are providing are the solutions to the problems they have now.
  6. Do a real market demographic analysis. Don’t know how? Go to your local library and ask for help from the business librarian. Yes, this takes over an hour. Yes, it is worth it to know where to target your products.
  7. Stop thinking about how hard it is to sell your products and just start selling. 


  1. sally

    excellent article with very helpful inputs.

  2. Raj

    Great advise Mary…..very incisive and effective…

  3. Viv

    Great advise Mary…..Brilliant….


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