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papa-johnsBuilding good will and market share one slice at a time

I’ve never seen any PR on this, so I have to mention it.  It is Tuesday at 1:30 PM at the USO at the Denver airport, and the volunteers are happy.  Why?  Pizza.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Papa John’s pizza days. 

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Papa John’s delivers dozens of hot and fresh pizza to the Denver USO to feed the military and their families waiting on flights. 

The USO, the United Service Organizations, offers help and support to the military and their families worldwide, and is best known for the USO shows starring Bob Hope and other celebrities.  Many airports give USO volunteers space to provide logistical and other support to transiting military personnel, often answering questions and providing a cup of coffee.

I also didn’t know that Papa John’s has a history of supporting the military.  At the Charlotte Motor Speedway last month they threw a pizza party for 10,000 military members.  They recently donated $75,000 to the USO in Baltimore from their USO special – two pizzas or $22.

Until the USO yesterday, I had never tried Papa John’s pizza, even though they are the third largest pizza company in the US.

They won me over with their generosity AND the pizza was great.  Congrats, Papa John’s.  I am a new fan!


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