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Overcoming Writer’s Block in 15 Minutes a Day

Woman Using LaptopIn a terrific interview with Seth Godin, Godin says he only spends about 15 minutes per day writing.


Many aspiring authors think they have to block out hours, weeks and months to put words to paper and get started.

If Seth Godin can be successful writing 15 minutes per day, so can you.

Let’s say a non-fiction book is 200 pages long. That approximates to 22,000 words.

This becomes a math problem.

In 15 minutes you can probably write 300 words.

That is just 74 sessions of writing for 15 minutes at a time. If you write for just 15 minutes a day, you have a manuscript in 2 and a half months. (Yes, it will need editing and text editing and copy editing but every book needs that).

If you have a desire to write, decide to write consistently for the next 74 days. For just 15 minutes.

Start. Now.

Note: If you read the interview, you’ll note that Seth Godin also says he researches for 16 hours per day. But he has already published 17 books! He needs to research. 🙂 Write what you know. Start. Now. 


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