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How to show your organization that you want to advance

advance-in-companyMake a 15 minute appointment and ASK your supervisor if they can recommend a mentor for you.  That way you have access to a more senior person WITH your supervisor’s encouragement and you can then make a 15 minute appointment with them.

Meet with that senior person, and ask to become more involved in the organization.  Can you volunteer at a charity event?  Work on a project?  Offer to manage an event, such as a holiday party, or handle part of a conference to get visibility.  

Be good at your job.  Your job performance is still the number one way to achieve credibility and be promoted.  

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  1. Audrey Bruce

    Mentorship is something people often overlook at their jobs. Thanks for bringing it up here! You really can’t overlook how much it can help your career to make an appointment with a more senior individual (preferably someone you work with sparingly) and take 30 minutes to discuss your career goals. Spending that time makes the mentor feel valued and puts you on their radar for special projects that may come up. Also, their advice is likely to be helpful in itself.


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