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Sharing My Treasures

Finding people to do business with is like dating. You spend a lot of time exploring options. You get referrals, you look online, and you go to events where others are, ostensibly, looking to make a connection with you.

Then you try them out. A date, as it were. Then you decide if the person you met is the person still living in their parent’s basement or someone you want to see again.

In economics this is called the Search Activity – finding people that you want to do business with.

It is fabulous when you find the right people – the people who support you, help you, and anticipate your business needs.

Last week my friend Christine from Art and Style Baking ( designed cookie bag toppers for gourmet cookies she baked to promote my book, Master Your World. The cookies were shaped like dogs, doghouses, and dog bones, and she CREATED these cookie bag toppers with my company information and copies of my book covers. They were effective, eye-catching, and the cookies are delicious. They were a huge hit at the conference in Santa Fe, NM.

I found two mistakes in one of my books, AFTER it was already at the publishers. My text editor, Gail, took my mistakes, and revised my book interior for me in less than 24 hours, and then she sent it to the publisher for me. ( What a relief!

The amazing ladies, Ashley and Hannah, from Busy.Busy ( were responsible for catering, set up, and event execution for the Colorado Springs Express Network ( event, a Wine Tasting fundraiser for the scholarship program. Busy.Busy arrived early, created centerpieces, steamed the tablecloths, and orchestrated the event. They even made wine charms, which proven to be a really helpful with the many people in attendance.

Paul David of Wine Pairings ( helped us find great wines to taste, to make the event successful. He writes a terrific newsletter on wine – I recommend signing up.

It is hard to find great people to work with. When you find them, treasure them and tell others!


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