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List of Lists for 2011

New Year’s Eve is a time for me to make my list of lists that I post on my white board in my office.

My 2011 lists are for a variety of purposes; business and personal growth, thoughts, ideas, resolutions, and random To-Do items.

  • Books to read
  • People to call
  • People to meet
  • People to connect/reconnect with
  • Charities to support
  • Trips to take
  • Articles to write
  • Random acts of kindness to accomplish
  • Groups to speak to
  • Friends to spend time with
  • Projects to start
  • Projects to finish
  • Meals to try
  • Benefits to attend
  • People to appreciate

I am ALWAYS looking to expand this list! If you have another list category or a suggestion or an idea, please make a comment on this blog, or email me at

Happy New Year!


  1. Steve Kelly

    How about:
    – Things to scratch off the bucket list?
    – Daily acts of kindness & forgiveness
    – Citizenship taskings
    – Things to build (relationships, businesses, speaker cabinets)
    – Things to fortify (the arsenal, the food locker, marriages)

  2. Anita C. Schimmel

    I love lists! This is an example of decision-making, but how do you manage all these decisions on a daily basis? Is it a matter of priorities? I will add the suggestion, as a realtor, “Specific types of transactions (and price points) to close in 2011”.

  3. Bill Decker

    Things to stop doing!


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