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Want to thank a veteran? Hire them!

Memorial Day, 2010

Want to thank a veteran? Hire them and strengthen your work force in the process

Some of my business friends were lamenting the lack of commitment and dedication of their workforce. One gentleman claimed he could not get people to follow directions.

“How many former military people do you have?” I asked.

The answers were blank stares.

The military corporate culture produces many of the characteristics that many work places lack. Military people are trained to show up — on time or early. They are computer savvy. They work until the job is completed. They understand how to take and give directions. They appreciate honest and helpful feedback. They are motivated to do a good job. They are serious about working, and serious about fulfilling your mission. Most veterans have the can-do attitude that employers want.

“I don’t know where to find military people,” one business owner replied.

“Couldn’t be easier or cheaper!” came the answer.

Do a google or bing search for “hire military veteran” and all kinds of groups with databases pop up. You can post your job requirements at most of these sites for free. Good for your business, and good for the veterans.

You can also join LinkedIn groups that focus on hiring veterans.

I adore my civilian workers or friends, but on this Memorial Day, if you are thinking about increasing your workforce, please consider hiring a veteran.

If you need help finding veterans to hire, please reply to this blog or email privately, and I will help.

Thanks! Happy Memorial Day!


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