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Put me in, Coach

An 8 year old gave me a great quote last night. We were talking about baseball, and I asked him what position he liked best. Eyes shining, wide grin, he beamed, “First base or pitcher. Hmmm, I like pitcher best. When you are the pitcher, you always get the ball.”

What a great reminder that it can certainly feel easier standing in the outfield, and occasionally worrying what happens if the ball comes your way, but If you are pitching, you know the ball is coming to you. You don’t have the uncertainty of the pop fly to right center. You know that the game cannot go forward without you. More pressure on the pitcher, maybe. But it is more consistent pressure. You are the center of the field, the center to the action. You always get the ball.

In business, sometimes we hold back from being on the pitcher’s mound. We don’t want to stand out, because if we become the focal point, we can expect pressure and criticism. Being at the center means people are counting on you and you have to perform more often and more consistently, in front of more people. But you also get the opportunity to shine. It pushes you to work harder and work (and play) at the top of your game.

So if you feel like you are hiding in the outfield, maybe give pitching a try.

Put me in coach. I’m ready to play.


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