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Happy Easter! Easter is a time of rebirth and new life.  In addition to the religious aspects of Easter, most people like the idea of celebrating spring as a time of growth, fresh opportunity, and an end of winter.  (Chocolate bunnies and those malted-speckled eggs are great too.) It is easy to fall into the routines of our daily lives.  We are comfortable with our routines.  There is a regular rhythm in our habits.   But when does a routine turn into a rut? As we look forward to the progress of the new season, it might be fun to try new things as a way of growing in this season.  Try to do something new, if not every day, maybe make a point to try something new once a week.  New experiences help us breakout of our groove (Yes, I used the word groove) and are just plain fun. Some ideas: 1)  Try completely different food – a Moroccan restaurant, Thai Panang, or Korean BBQ 2)  Take a class that interests you 3)  Walk someone else’s dog 4)  Participate in different exercise class, such as a Nia or Zumba class 5)  Sign up to support a new fundraiser 6)  Watch an episode of the History channel on a completely foreign topic 7)  Plant some herbs 8)  Help your cells regenerate – for a whole day, eat just fruits and vegetables 9)  Further help your cellular development by getting a great night’s sleep 10)  Clean out a closet and donate what you don’t use 11)  Wash the car!  Or surprise someone else by cleaning their car 12)  Try a local brewery’s beer 13)  Try a different wine 14)  Drive a new road 15)  Put a different assortment of toppings on your next pizza 16)  Babysit someone else’s kids 17)  Open a cookbook at random and try whatever page you see 18)  Listen to your kids’ music What are your ideas for new experiences this spring?  Let us know by leaving a comment!


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