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Snow and Mess

It is snowing, and my dogs are having a marvelous, snowy time.  They love the snow.  They love standing in the snow, crunching the partially frozen top layer of previous snowfalls, and they love chasing each other in the snow.  This is “dog tag” and while I don’t quite understand the rules, it involves lots of running, chasing, dashing in circles, and barking.  It looks like loads of fun.

Then the wet dogs come inside.  They drags in chunks of ice, snowballs that cling to furry legs, and whatever foliage they can manage.  It can be messy.

I think many times, having fun involves a messy process.  I like the idea that we embrace the messy aspects of our life, including our fun.   While I love a clutter-free, clean house, (my office doesn’t count) I also love the chaos and mess that comes with house-guests, especially those with children.  I enjoy the remnants that remain after a good party, or what the kitchen looks like after a really great meal.  Messy and wonderful.

The mess is sometimes evidence of a terrific memory and a fun time.  So let’s go make a mess!

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  1. Wynona Chilbert

    This instantly pulls beautiful memories to the front and center of my mind. 3 to 4 kids, 2 to 4 horses, previously 2 geese, always 2 to 4 dogs, and a minimum of 4 cats, plus a husband constitute our family. You are so right. Those messes may be the most beautiful parts of my life! Thank you for sharing that. 🙂


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